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Sole trader c Public limited company c Private limited company c Limited partnership c Limited liability partnership c Social enterprise c Cooperative c Registered charity c Voluntary, community interest or faith sector organisation c  Company registration number and date (if registered at Companies House)VAT registration number (if applicable) How many staff does your organisation have in total? Include part-time staff and volunteers.Please state your turnover for the last financial year. Where did your organisation read/hear about this particular opportunity? REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ORDER If this quotation is successful then an Official Order will be raised. Date: 30/10/2012 AUTHORISED OFFICER Contact Name: Punit Modi Leicester City Council (LCC), B6, New Walk Centre, Welford Place, Leicester LE1 6ZG Telephone Number: 0116 252 8911 Email:  HYPERLINK "mailto:procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk" procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk  Delivery Address or Site (if different)IMPORTANT INFORMATION Your quotation will only be accepted on this form as an irrevocable offer (in consideration of your being invited to quote) and emailed by 07/11/2012 to the Authorised Officer, name shown above, to the following address:  HYPERLINK "mailto:procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk" procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk . Conditions are on Council terms unless specified otherwise. Also, LCCs requirement will need to meet LCC and other industry standards/policies, please see below for full details. Quotations will only be accepted on this Document ONLY. However, you may attach associated documents if necessary.DETAILS OF REQUIREMENTName of Company Providing Quote: Leicester City Council requires a company to aerate soil at one of its Recreation Ground. The work required is specific and it is necessary to carry out all elements listed below: To deep soil aerate a football area of 180yd x 60 yds. Using deep soil aeration system and use a hollow probe with high pressure compressed air to 1 metre depth injecting seaweed kelp simultaneously. Backfill with aggregate. Carry out at 2 metre spacing. The address of the location is: Aylestone Recreation Ground, Knighton Lane East, Leicester, LE2 6LU. It is important this work is completed by November 2012. DEVIATION/VARIATION (from the above Specification) Deviation/Variation of the above specification will not be considered.QUOTATION TOTAL (the Contract Price) +VAT if applicableiMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE supplier The above Quotation should remain open for acceptance by Leicester City Council for a minimum of 30 days from the deadline for submissions date, as shown in the Source Leicestershire advert. 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