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Confidentiality All information included in this Soft Market Testing questionnaire is confidential and only for the recipient knowledge. No information included in this document or in discussions connected to it may be disclosed to any other party without prior written authorization. Introduction and purpose of this document This documentation provides our proposals to date, for the development of our community and custodial based specialist criminal justice adult drug and alcohol services and seeks information regarding your company and your products/services. The same information will be gathered from different providers. This information is requested as part of a soft market testing exercise in order to seek the markets views on the development of a local model of services, the capacity of the market to supply these services, and the level of interest in this proposed procurement activity. Scope and Process Participants are invited to respond to the attached key questions below concerning the potential services to be procured and their own organization. Please send the attached responses in word-format (format unchanged) by email to  HYPERLINK "mailto:drugs@leicester.gov.uk" drugs@leicester.gov.uk by 4pm Friday 27th July. For questions regarding this process, you are welcome to contact  HYPERLINK "mailto:drugs@leicester.gov.uk" drugs@leicester.gov.uk The Councils current adult community drug and alcohol service contracts are scheduled to expire in June 2013. The prospective timetable for the procurement is (subject to due approvals and final confirmation): ActivityDatePublication of OJEU advertEarly October 2012Invitation to Tender issuedBeginning December 2012Deadline for return of Invitation to TenderEarly January 2013Decision and Award of ContractEnd of March 2013Contract and Service Start Date1st July 2013. For the avoidance of doubt no information provided in response to this questionnaire will be used by the Council in assessing providers during the procurement process scheduled to commence in October 2012. Demographic information for Leicester Leicester is the largest city in the East Midlands, with a population of 306,600 and covers an area of 73.3 km. Much of the area is urban, with a high population density of 4,182 people/ km2 making it the most densely populated area in the East Midlands and the 29th most densely populated area in the country. It is a unitary council with an elected City Mayor. The current population estimate for Leicester City is 306,631. Leicesters population is relatively young compared with England; 20% (62,300) of Leicesters population are aged 20-29 years old (14% in England) and 12% (35,600) of the population are aged over 65 (16% in England). The population is predicted to grow to around 346,000 by 2020, an increase of nearly 40,000 from 2010. Projections indicate Leicester will have a smaller percentage of the population under 10 and a larger percentage aged over 40 years old. The average life expectancy for males and females in Leicester is lower than the England average. Men in Leicester have a life expectancy of 75.4 years which is over 3 years less than the national average (78.6 in England) and women in Leicester can expect to live to 80.1 years, 2 years less than the national average of 82.6 years. Poor life expectancy is linked to deprivation and Leicester has a high level of deprivation compared to the country as a whole; 41% of Leicesters population live in the most deprived 20% of areas in England and a further 34% live in the 20-40% most deprived areas. Only 1% of Leicesters population live in the 20% least deprived areas (figure 2). Across Leicester there is also a variation in life expectancy; for males there is a difference in life expectancy of 9.4 years and females 5.0 years between people living in the most and least deprived areas of Leicester. Leicester has a very diverse population compared with England as a whole; 36% of Leicesters residents are from Black, Minority, Ethnic (BME) backgrounds compared with only 13% in England overall. Around a quarter of Leicesters population are of South Asian origin, (mostly Indian), 4% are Black/British, 3% mixed and 3% from other ethnic origins. The age profile of Leicesters BME population is relatively younger than the White population. It is estimated that there may be as many as 150 languages and/or dialects spoken in Leicester. Guajarati, Katchi, Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali are widely spoken and there are growing numbers of speakers of Somali, Polish or Slovak, Arabic, Tamil and various East African languages. Almost half of pupils in Leicester primary schools have a home language other than English. Substance misuse in Leicester The Safer Leicester Partnership oversees the implementation of national drugs and alcohol strategies at a local level, with action being implemented through the adults drug treatment strategy, young persons substance misuse plan and alcohol harm reduction strategy. The findings of the 2011-12 Joint Specific Needs Assessment, led by the public health team in conjunction with DAAT officers are now being considered. The key points from that needs assessment regarding adult drug and alcohol needs are as follows: Headline data from the Drug/Alcohol JSpNA Alcohol There are an estimated 63,000 adults drinking at hazardous levels, 13,000 drinking at harmful levels and 9,000 who are dependent.Nationally developed estimates suggest Leicester has a relatively low level (16%) of adult binge drinking, despite a comparatively high level of alcohol related problems.Levels of drinking above the daily recommended units of alcohol are generally highest in the west of the City.Alcohol-specific admission rates and alcohol attributable admission rates are significantly higher in Leicester, than in England for both males and females. Leicester males have a significantly higher alcohol specific and attributable death rate than nationally.Males and females in Leicester have a higher proportion of alcohol-related mental disorders than nationally.Although decreasing, Leicester has a higher rate of alcohol-related crime than England. It has the highest alcohol-related violent crime rate and alcohol related sexual crime rate amongst its PCT comparators.Over 2010-11 626 adults were in treatment for Primary alcohol use.Leicester appears to have a significantly lower level of self-referrals into alcohol treatment than nationally.The majority of adults in alcohol treatment are in the west of the City, although there is a greater spread across the city than for drug clients.After Heroin, alcohol was the second highest presenting substance use need amongst adults in HMP Leicester.DrugsNationally developed estimates indicate there are about 2,539 opiate and/or crack users in Leicester. Approximately 57% of these were in treatment over 2010-11.The Local lifestyle survey in 2010 suggests 5.6% of 16+ adults in Leicester have ever taken a drug in the last 12 months, Cannabis being the highest reported use.The majority of drug users in treatment (73%) were opiate users. Just 6% used Crack/Cocaine and 5% used Cannabis.The hospital admission rate for drug poisoning and drug -related mental/behavioural disorder is higher in Leicester than the national rate.Leicester has a comparatively high proportion of drug referrals from the criminal Justice system.Of those who were identified as having a drug need in HMP Leicester the majority were heroin users.The majority of drug users in treatment came from the west of the City.For all adults in treatment Leicester has a relatively low rate of successful completions.ChildrenAbout 26% of adult drug and alcohol users in treatment have children living with them. Demographic information for Leicestershire Leicestershire is in the East Midlands region of England and the County Council covers seven district council areas. Leicestershire has a growing population of approximately 648,700 (ONS, 2010) and cover an area of 2,156 Km2. The Eastern side of the county is predominantly rural, with small villages and market towns, whilst the north and north-east is more urban. An average of the population density is 300 people/ Km2. 68% of the populations reside in urban settlements, 20% in town & fringe settlements and 12% in villages, hamlets and isolated dwellings. Over most of the last two decades Leicestershires population has been growing at a rate that is faster than the national average as a result of migration. Its predicted that by 2031 the number of people between 75-79 and 80+ year olds will more than double, whilst the number of 15-19 year olds and 20-24 year olds is predicted to grow by just 10% (ONS, 2008). The health status of the population of Leicestershire reflects the socio -demographic profile with above average life expectancy and low rates of premature mortality. A girl born in Leicestershire can expect to live for 10 months longer than the average girl born in England and a boy born in Leicestershire can expect to live 1 year and 4 months longer than the national average. Leicestershire children enjoy 4 years more life expectancy than children in Leicester City. Leicestershire experiences very low levels of social-economic deprivation. The county is ranked 138 out of 149 top tier authorities in England for deprivation (where 1 is the most deprived). 42% of Leicestershires Output Areas live in areas labeled as Prospering Suburbs. 9.5% of the population in Leicestershire is non-White British, compared to 15.3% in England. The 9.5% is made up of 7.1% Black and Minority Ethnic groups (BME), with the remaining 2.4% White, but not of British origin. Leicestershires Indian ethnic group population is highly represented in areas of Oadby and Wigston, Charnwood and Blaby. The Other White, Chinese and Bangladeshi groups are well represented in areas of Charnwood. African, Caribbean and mixed groups are present in smaller numbers and are distributed across all districts. Recent research has also shown that in Leicestershire and Leicester City schools there has been a fall of 5% in the actual numbers of White British pupils, and all BME groups have seen the numbers of pupils attending schools increase15%. Its also apparent that new migrant communities are emerging in other parts of Leicestershire, most notably through recent economic migration from the EU. Punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali are the three non-English languages spoken by the largest number of people in Leicestershire followed by Urdu, Chinese and Polish. Demographic information for Rutland Rutland SMST covers the unitary authority area of Rutland County Council. The ONS mid-year population estimate predicts a population for Rutland of 38,400, with 51% male and 49% female and an ethnic profile of 98.0% White British. The County is located in the East Midlands and covers only 150 square miles. It is predominately rural in nature with the main population centres of Oakham (with 9,600 population) and Uppingham (4,000). The population of Rutland has grown by 17% over the last 10 years. In 2007 the 60 plus population in Rutland was estimated at 8,848, by 2018 it is estimated to be 11,401, an increase of 29%. The 2010 Rutland Joint Strategic Needs Assessment refresh illustrates that there will be a 40% increase in the number of people that are aged 65 and over by 2020. The impact of this population growth will be increased need and demand for health and social care services. Health and social care services will therefore need a more comprehensive, joined up approach when planning for sustainable services in the future. Substance misuse in Leicestershire and Rutland Alcohol It has been widely acknowledged by a range of professionals such as Health, that alcohol misuse is a contributory factor to ill health, crime, and fear of crime. The Government defines binge drinking as people drinking over double the daily-recommended levels4 more than 8 units of alcohol (men) or 6 units of alcohol (women) on their heaviest drinking day during the previous week. Using the estimated percentage of sub-regions residents aged 16 and over who are classed as binge-drinkers and then applying this percentage figure to the sub-regions estimated population aged 16 and over, the estimated number of binge-drinkers in Leicester and Leicestershire is approximately 44,700. Men were also more likely than women to report heavy or binge drinking. The proportion of adults reporting binge/heavy drinking on at least one day in the previous week was greatest among the youngest age group (16-24). In Leicestershire, the estimated prevalence of harmful drinking is 5.34%, which is higher than both national (5.03%) and regional (4.62%) average. The estimated prevalence of hazardous drinking in all the areas across the County is above the East Midlands average and that of Leicester City. Alcohol-specific mortality is caused directly and entirely by alcohol consumption. It includes causes of death such as alcoholic liver disease, alcohol poisoning and mental & behavioural disorders due to alcohol. The rate per 100,000 for Leicestershire is significantly higher than both the national and regional average. The total number of deaths directly related to alcohol consumption has increased since 2001, rising by 24% between 2001 and 2008. The main contributor to this increase is deaths from alcoholic liver disease which has risen by 36% over this period. The estimated number of all recorded crime attributable to alcohol in the Leicestershire sub-region in 2008/09 was 9,159. Over half of these crimes were committed in the Leicester city area and 15% in the Charnwood Borough. Although the rate of crime linked to alcohol has gradually fallen, Leicester with a rate of 16.4 per 100,000 crimes directly attributable to alcohol makes it the 8th worst area in England. Leicestershire County and Rutland PCT currently have 912 adult clients engaged in alcohol treatment across both criminal justice and non-criminal justice provision. Drugs Leicestershire SMST and its commissioned services have had considerable success against the adult drug treatment plan in increasing the numbers of substance misusers recorded in treatment year on year. Using the available NTA estimate calculations it is possible to approximate the treatment nave population as 302 and that Leicestershire SMST commissioned services have succeeded in attracting 2,419 clients into treatment tiers 2, 3 & 4, representing a penetration rate of 88.9%. Current data indicates that Leicestershire and Rutland SMST services are recruiting males and females at approximately the same rates as the system on the whole, although there has been some fluctuation over the years. In terms of age ranges the treatment population continues to be maturing i.e. the number of clients in the 18 - 24 age range is decreasing over time whilst the proportion of clients in the older age groups is increasing over time. It has been reported by our commissioned services that they are seeing an increasing number in the older age brackets (38-40+) starting or changing to class A, maybe due to life pressures. The whole issue of classification of drugs and the focus on class A for funding also impacts upon the age profile. The 18-24 brackets often have other issues such as cannabis. There is a focus on problematic drug use but there is also the need for early intervention and prevention particularly with the young people and this requires addressing the issues around transition phases and linking to Children and Young Peoples Services. Ethnicity statistics have remained stable with exiting providers transferring their client caseload to Swanswell Trust on 1st July 2011. According to the Office for National Statistics experimental estimates for mid-2009/10, 7% of Leicestershires population is from the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) group and 10% non-white British. Some ethnic groups are highly concentrated in certain areas, notably Oadby and Loughborough, but there is a trend for minority ethnic groups to become more dispersed over time. The Rutland estimate is 2% BME. Single white males were recorded as the most likely to have taken any drug or any Class A drug within the last year, compared to any other profiled group. It is estimated that 40.7% of young adults aged 16-24 have ever used illicit drugs. One in five young people have used one or more illicit drugs in the last year and one in nine have used drugs in the last month. In 2010 boys were more likely than girls to have taken drugs ever, in the last year and in the last month and the prevalence of drugs increased with age. Three quarters of clients engaged in structured treatment across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland have recorded their main problem drug as Heroin. A further 9% Methadone and 5% recorded as other Opiates. Cannabis also features with an overall proportion of 4% of the current client caseload. Presenting substances have remained relatively stable year on year; however, within brief interventions we have seen an increase in those seeking advice and support for a range of legal highs currently available on the market and adulterated substances due to price and availability of Class A drugs. The International Centre for Drug Policy report has highlights 10 local drug deaths for Leicestershire in 2010, with a rate of 2.68 per 100,000 population. There were no drug deaths recorded for Rutland during this period. Drug and Alcohol Services Leicester City Council (LCC) contract, on behalf of the Safer Leicester Partnership and in partnership with Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council. In order to provide a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment provision for adults in contact with the criminal justice system in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and within HMP Leicester. Leicester City Council is seeking to undertake a competitive tender process to re-procure these services. The procurement exercise will include all Criminal justice treatment services across the communities of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and within HMP Leicester. Towards informing the process and developing appropriate and innovative service specifications, LCC are undertaking this soft market testing exercise to seek independent views to support and shape the procurement activity. Participants are invited to respond to the attached key questions. Current Drug and Alcohol Services The Service redesign of drug and alcohol services has developed since September 2009 and included the award of 4 out of 5 tendered Contracts in April 2011.For Leicestershire and Rutland a single service contract was tendered at the same time. Specifications had been developed to provide: Increased availability in localities Increased choice for services users Increased flexibility of access Greater use of primary care settings Seamless service for adult drug/alcohol users within the criminal justice system. Increased emphasis on recovery and Quality of Life outcomes from treatment. As of 1st July 2011 the adult service set up has been as follows: Criminal Justice Drug and Alcohol services (on behalf of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland County Councils and HMP Leicester) that provide a fully integrated criminal justice substance misuse treatment service from point of arrest through sentence (including custodial treatment at HMP Leicester) and through to community reintegration. The contracts below are not part of this PIN but are included here for information purposes only and will be going out to the market at the same time as the Criminal Justice drug and Alcohol services. Community based adult open access and specialist prescribing services for adults with alcohol /drug problems. Two providers provide this service which could not be awarded through the 2010-11 tendering process. Primary Care Services that support the development of GP led services for drug users where needs have stabilised but medical / psychosocial intervention is still required. Also medical input to Criminal Justice drug and alcohol services. Quality of Life Services that support drug /alcohol users into recovery and integration. This contract provides structured group work, Tier 2 and aftercare services to drug/alcohol users. The contract below was awarded to Swanswell for delivery across Leicestershire and Rutland for non-criminal justice services on 1st of July 2011and will not be included in the upcoming procurement but is provided for information only. Fully integrated community based services for drug and alcohol users across Leicestershire and Rutland. Development of Drug and Alcohol Services Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland commissioning partners are seeking to re-procure its Criminal Justice Adult Drug and Alcohol services and wants to ensure that new specifications reflect the following: An integrated focus on recovery across the treatment system Accessibility across the Criminal Justice System Integrated drug and alcohol provision Services that offer a route in primary care for drug and alcohol users Services that can respond effectively to the needs of vulnerable groups-such as those with dual diagnosis and those in need of family support. Services that can meet the diverse needs of Leicesters, Leicestershires and Rutlands diverse and dispersed offending population. Innovation of provision of the different strands of the national criminal justice program for substance misuse treatment of offenders which include: Drug Intervention Program Fixed penalty diversions and conditional cautioning schemes for low level offenders Treatment on orders restrictions on bail, Alcohol treatment requirements, Drug rehabilitation requirement, and post custody licenses Substance misuse services in HMP Leicester including those previously known as CARATs, Structured programs and Integrated Drug treatment systems (IDTS) . SECTION TWO-Request for Information for market testing purposes. Questions A response to the questions below would be welcomed from potential suppliers. For the avoidance of doubt no information provided in response to this questionnaire will be used by the Council in assessing providers during the procurement process scheduled to commence in October 2012. Please respond in the boxes provided and e-mail to  HYPERLINK "mailto:drugs@leicester.gov.uk" drugs@leicester.gov.uk by 4pm Friday 27th July. Key questions for consideration: What should a recovery oriented criminal justice drug and alcohol treatment system across a region like Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland look like, for users in the community and custodial based services? What interventions/services should it include and why? How should it be configured? How can Criminal Justice drug/alcohol services develop seamless engagement with wraparound services which are essential for recovery? How can the system be managed to ensure effective and equitable access and treatment delivery for both drug and alcohol users? How could the system respond effectively to the 6 key diversity strands (race, religion, gender, age, disability and sexuality) and ensure the particular needs of the following groups are met: -Users with both drug/alcohol and mental health needs -Young adults: 18-25 year olds, including the student population -Troubled families (families with multiple social, economic and health problems) -Leicesters diverse ethnic population. -Non Opiate/Crack drug users What staffing structure and skill mix/competencies, including leadership and management, would be required within specialist services in order to provide a recovery oriented drug and alcohol treatment system across the Sub-region? What is the most effective way for CJ services to link with Primary care services for substance misusing offenders? Given the need to provide value for money: -How can annual financial efficiencies be achieved whilst maintaining high quality service delivery? -How can services continue to provide high quality, value for money services within a payment by results framework? 8. How would your organisation seek to engage with mutual aid, peer support and mentoring programs or services?  9. Any further comments you would like to make in relation to the proposed service or service model?  10. We are looking for informal expressions of interest in these services at this stage in order to establish the level of market interest. Would your organization be interested in bidding for these services? Yes or No  Request For Information Please complete the questionnaire below QuestionAnswerCompany nameCompany numberCompany addressCompany web pageMain products/servicesMain market/customersNumber of years in the marketCompany location(s)Quality management system(s)EmployeesManagementPractitionersFinancial informationLast year turnoverContact person and responsible for answering this SMTTelephoneEmailThe names of three local authorities where you carry out similar services to those outlined above. It would be of assistance if you provided a short synopsis of the services provided.      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