ࡱ> vxu QbjbjWW `V55VV$P$@@     $|CEC  F  rIT  \]mR-^ 0<X<<PCC<V v:  Job Description Post Title: CLERK OF WORKS  Post Number: R6439  Date: 18/10/04 Department: Resources, Access and Diversity  Division / Branch: Property Services  Section: BSF Programme  Responsible to: Team Leader (Clerk of Works)  Overall Purpose of this Post: To ensure that approved standards of workmanship and construction together with environmentally sound and safe working practices are followed during the implementation of projects for Leicester City Council.  Major Objectives: These will include those key corporate priorities reflected in the Corporate Plan. To ensure compliance with Council, Departmental and client policies, professional and ethical business standards and relevant legislation. To ensure workmanship, methods of construction and quality of materials meet the approved standards, and are in accordance with the authority requirements as outlined in the Design and Build Contract. To help resolve problems and to facilitate progress by good communications. To demonstrate an understanding of the problems of tenants and owners where work is taking place, and to resolve complaints and queries. To assist in securing safe working conditions on site. To respond to circumstances requiring remedial action. To be proactive in promoting and implementing the Councils policies and procedures relating to employment and service delivery. P.T.O. Summary of job tasks: The tasks listed are, generally, only those taking at least 10% of the postholder's time. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Checks, inspects, reports on and maintains records of progress of work. Initiates action to correct unsatisfactory design detailing, construction, workmanship and materials to avoid potential problems. Provides channel of communication between the Authority and Contractor. Undertakes a condition survey service within the BSF programme if required. Advises design and maintenance staff on construction details, building methods and materials suitability. Participates in feedback processes. Advise colleagues on special subjects as assigned. Co-ordinates the workflow associated with the role of a Clerks of Works working across a number of sites. Initiates action to carry out the City Councils environmental policies (EMAS). Provides support and advice to FM services before and after handover with regard to operational matters arising from construction and design Is this post classified as politically restricted, as in the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, either a) because of Its salary level ? , or No ~ b) because the postholder is required regularly to advise the Council and its Committees, or communicates with the media on behalf of the Council? No ~ Is this post subject to exemption from The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 ? No ~  Job Requirements: Essential (E) or Desirable (D). E/D A. Training & Education  Membership of Institute of Clerk of Works Management qualification D D B. Experience  Minimum of 5 years as a Clerk of Works in addition to practical experience in the construction industry. Development and application of information technology and information systems. Role of the Planning Supervisor. E D D Equal Opportunity (including exemptions under legislation) Must be able to recognise discrimination in its many forms and willing to put the Council's Equality Policies into practice. Must be sensitive to the needs of disadvantaged groups in the provision of the Teams services E E D. Other Skills  Ability to supervise staff on service delivery Communication Skills Self motivating and work efficiently independently on site and within a team. Numeracy and an understanding of the rudiments of business finance Negotiating Skills E E E E E E. Other Conditions Including any hazardous or environmentally adverse conditions "#&'679EFPUa   A ^ ` b  Q T e  a d¸ְͧ֝֒|h()5CJOJQJh}xh}r8OJQJh}xh()OJQJh()CJOJQJh()OJQJ\hLOJQJh()CJOJQJh()5CJOJQJh()5OJQJh()OJQJh()CJOJQJh()5CJ OJQJh()jh()U0'6789s$$ /@ P !$:$Ifa$"$ /@ P !$$Ifa$$If @ $If d$If$ @ a$ @  9r 9FLMNOPV_tkHk# 39r @ P !$:$If d$IfGkdH$$Ifx0;'; 4 xax$$ /@ P !$:$Ifa$ /@ P !$$If_`apkk$$ /@ P !$:$Ifa$ /@ P !$$If d$IfGkd#I$$IfxR0;'; 4 xax    / ^ _ mm$$ /@ P !$:$Ifa$ /@ P !$$If d$IfEkdI$$Ifx0{'{a4 xax _ ` a b Q iic$If#$ 2@ P !$($Ifa$ d$If#$ 2@ P !$(]a$EkdJ$$Ifx0{'{a4 xaxQ R S T g nn;2kdJ$$Ifx''4 xax. 2@ P !$(:$If]^` d$If2kdJ$$Ifx''4 xax%$ 2@ P !$(:$Ifa$ J K   a gE"$ /@ P !$($Ifa$$$ & F ,@ P !$($Ifa$#$ 2@ P !$($Ifa$%$ & F /@ P !$($Ifa$ 2@ P !$($If d$Ifa b # $ [ \ aaa# ,@ P !$(:$If]1 & F 1h@ P !$(:$If]^`%$ & F /@ P !$($Ifa$"$ /@ P !$($Ifa$ \4kd>K$$Ifxm''4 xax%$ 2@ P !$(:$Ifa$#$ 2@ P !$($Ifa$# ,@ P !$(:$If] bcdjknopstwx{ /@ P !$$If2kdK$$Ifx''4 xax! /@ P !$:$If d$If{|\]! /@ P !$x$If d$If! /@ P !$:$If /@ P !$$Ifdr$.2hnphPVX\`dIJOacoGYbk}wPQQQQQhTzjhTzUhx5OJQJUhch()h()OJQJh()6OJQJh()CJOJQJhLOJQJhcOJQJh()OJQJh()5OJQJ@]^!"rs# 39r @ P !$<$If /@ P !$$If rppD+$ 2@ PN "$$C$If^$`Ca$"$ /@ P !$$Ifa$ d$If$ /@ P !$a$Ekd L$$Ifx06'6%4 xaxrtPG d$If2kdL$$Ifx''4 xax* 2@ PN "$$:$If^$`( 2@ PN "$A$If^`A'$ 2@ PN "$$If^a$Z\^`bdvOv& 2@ PN "$:$If^ d$If$ 2@ PN "$a$2kdL$$Ifx''4 xax-$ 2@ PN "$$C:$If^$`Ca$dTXkdKM$$IfxF l%' Xp    4 xax%$ 2@ PN "$:$Ifa$ d$If" 2@ PN "$:$If/HIKM$$ /M@ P !$:$Ifa$ d$If! /M@ P !$:$If' /M@ P !$N$If^N`MNO]^_`avWWWW /M@ P !$$If' /M@ P !$N$If^N` d$IfXkdM$$IfxF l%' Xp    4 xaxabc<=?@BCE"$ /M@ P !$$Ifa$$$ /M@ P !$:$Ifa$ d$If! /M@ P !$:$If EFGY_`zqPP! /M@ P !$:$If $Ifgdc" & F /M@ P !$$If d$IfXkdgN$$IfxF l%' Xp    4 xax`bcefghiaaa! /M@ P !$:$IfXkd O$$IfxF l%' Xp    4 xax$$ /M@ P !$:$Ifa$ijk~WyyXXXXX! /M@ P !$:$If /M@ P !$$If d$If]kdO$$Ifx2F l%' Xp    4 xaxytc WjkmoqsuvwXXkd"P$$IfxF l%' Xp    4 xax$$ /M@ P !$:$Ifa$ d$If! /M@ P !$:$If wjPPQQQQQQQff"$ /M@ P !$$Ifa$$$ /M@ P !$:$Ifa$! /M@ P !$:$If d$If) /M@ P !$N:$If^N` Willingness to work in excess of contracted hours when necessary, including an element of unsocial hours. Preparedness to work in adverse site conditions occasionally Willingness to provide attendance and advice in accordance with the City Councils Emergency Procedures E E E     Published by the Human Resources Unit, Chief Executives Office, September 1997. Reference:C:\HRU\NEWFORMS\JDNEW.DOC QQQQQQ Q"Q#Q%Q&QQQQQ$ /M@ P !$a$XkdP$$IfxF l%' Xp    4 xaxQ Q!Q#Q$Q&QQQQQhx5OJQJh()h()CJOJQJjhTzUhTz . 00}. A!"#$>% . 0 0}. 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