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However, employees should treat any offers with extreme caution. The person or organisation making the offer may be: doing, or hoping to do, business with the county council; or applying to the county council for some kind of decision. In some cases, accepting the offer may constitute a criminal offence. If employees have any doubts about whether to accept a gift or not, they should talk to their line manager. Line Managers should maintain a record of gifts and hospitalities received by their staff. 3. What are the rules about use of council facilities? Employees should only use county council facilities for the councils business, unless you have given approval otherwise. This includes: transport; stationery; and secretarial services. 4. What are the rules about confidential and private information? Employees may come into contact with confidential information during the course of their work. They must never: disclose such information to other people; or use the information to the disadvantage or discredit of the county council or anyone else. The county council has set procedures for releasing personal information in line with the  GOTOBUTTON  PRIVATE TROVE JUMP J 0  X_data Data Protection Act. It is essential that employees follow the procedures before they release any confidential personal information. You must make sure employees are aware of the procedures. 5. What are the rules about declaring personal interests in other organisations which deal with the county council? Employees must declare any financial interest that they or their partner have in any contract or proposed contract with the county council. This interest may be direct or indirect. The declaration must be put in writing to the Monitoring Officer, County Hall, Northampton. Employees should also consider declaring non-financial interests. For example, they may do voluntary work for an organisation in receipt of grant aid from the county council. 6. What are the rules about equality issues? Employees must ensure that they follow the Councils Corporate Equality, Inclusion and Diversity policies and conduct themselves in accordance with expected practice.. Managers must ensure that employees are aware of these policies; expected practice and how they apply to the work that the employee does. 7. What are the rules about employees having other jobs? Some contracts specify that an employee cant undertake other jobs without your written permission. Where this does not apply, employees should make sure that any additional work does not: conflict with the interests of the county council; weaken public confidence in the county council; or impact on their duties and effectiveness. 8. What are the rules about employee conduct outside work? Generally, what employees do outside work is their own concern. However, they should avoid doing anything which might adversely affect the reputation of the county council. 9. What are the rules about political impartiality? Employees must be politically neutral when carrying out their work. This does not affect their right to be a member of a political party, unless they work within a specified politically restricted post. Employees can stand for election to local authorities, other than Northamptonshire County Council. However they must talk to you first to resolve any potential conflicts of interests and any requirements for time off. If employees hold a politically restricted post, they can only be a member of a parish council. 10. What are the rules about employment of people who are relatives, partners, or have a close relationship? Employees should not be involved in taking significant decisions where it involves a relative, partner or close friend. This will include: recruiting someone; disciplinary situations; promotions; and pay adjustments. 11. What are the rules about employees relationships with members? Mutual respect between employees and councillors is essential. Close personal familiarity, however, can damage the relationship. It can also prove embarrassing to other employees. Such familiarity should therefore be avoided. 12. What are my responsibilities as manager? make sure that your staff are aware of the code of conduct; abide by the code and thereby set your staff an example; take appropriate action if any member of staff fails to follow this code; and seek the advice of Human Resources if you have any doubts about how to proceed. Keep a record of gifts or hospitality received by your staff.  HYPERLINK "http://hrhandbook.northamptonshire.gov.uk/HRFormsLibrary/Conflict%20of%20interest%20SCH%20v1.0.doc" Please click here to access Code of Conduct and Conflict of interest information for employees working in a social care setting.     Policy E2 Version 1.3 .   a b e TW-.N)/_={s{okghBhh5h5h5jh5h5U h5h5jh5h5Uh?jJ hoPh.5B* OJQJph hoPh55B* OJQJphh.(hoPh.5B*CJOJQJaJphh?jJhoP5 hY>5h?jJh?jJ5hoPjhoPUmHnHu(.O a *   U  & Fgd1#gd&$d%d&d'dNOPQgdoP2$$d%d&d'd-DM NOPQa$gdoPgdoPU b #.>T6N`=of & Fgd1#&$d%d&d'dNOPQgdoPgd=LirDnor138:bf yz{yuhKhKhK5h;hK0J5h;h 90J5jh;5U h;5jh;5Uh?jJhoPhh. hoPh.5B* OJQJph hoPh55B* OJQJph h8/hVhY.h8/ h8/hTl h8/h.-1(AQb,zgdKgd&$d%d&d'dNOPQgdoP & Fgd1#  !"#$ & Fh^h`gdK    !"#$hKheh(2heCJaJhsHCJaJhSCJaJheCJaJhjjhjU;P:pm[. 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EMPLOYEE OBLIGATIONS-1-110  0000(Now)0E2 Code of conduct40 1||Heading 11||Title1.2(None)01-110E2 Code of conduct-1E2 Code of conductE2 Code of conduct1.11.2@$X@UnknownG*Ax Times New Roman5Symbol3. *Cx ArialI Arial BoldArial5. .[`)TahomaA$BCambria Math"hH 'H '!xx4d3QX?.2!xx7J:\apps\Microsoft Office.STD\Templates\Trove 3 blue.dotE02. Code of ConductCode of ConductAny Authorised Userddineen    Oh+'0  8 D P \hpxE02. Code of ConductAny Authorised UserCode of ConductTrove 3 blueddineen2Microsoft Office Word@@s/@|@|H՜.+,D՜.+,X hp  Northants County Council'  E02. Code of Conduct Titlexmumy       _PID_HLINKSInternalHRPolicyChapter ContentTypePolicyVersionSubject Keywords_Author _Category Categories Approval Level _Comments Assigned ToAml[http://hrhandbook.northamptonshire.gov.uk/HRFormsLibrary/Conflict of interest SCH v1.0.doc(5 HR Policy1.3Code of Conduct Any Authorised User  !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~Root Entry Fu Data 1Table,WordDocument&SummaryInformation(DocumentSummaryInformation8MsoDataStore uuTOMS3IE1VBQ==2uuItem  PropertiesACNCBEFQ3Q==2 uuItem  PropertiesO4Q4JSOHCP==2uuItem PropertiesS This value indicates the number of saves or revisions. The application is responsible for updating this value after each revision.   !"#% DocumentLibraryFormDocumentLibraryFormDocumentLibraryForm   F'Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 Document MSWordDocWord.Document.89qCompObj$y