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SAMPLE 3rd PARTY ARCHITECT (Revit User) General Functionality File size kept manageable (Essential) To be able to control visibility of elements individually or as a category. i.e. the ability to turn one tree off and all trees off (Essential) Keep triangulation of surfaces to a minimum (preferred) Accuracy & Readability To be modelled with OS coordinates embedded to enable accurate positioning of multiple tiles (Essential) To click on buildings/landmarks and be told what they are (preferred) Granularity & Modification To be able to remove existing buildings (Essential) To be able to modify topography or cut out and delete areas. Specific areas of topography ideally needs to be editable or removable if doing excavation works, otherwise it produces an overlap (Preferred) To be able to split up existing buildings and remove desired parts (Preferred) To be able to select elements and change their phase status (Preferred) Annotation & Presentation To be able to apply colour/materials to surrounding buildings/environment (Essential) Ability to create cut section views, using section tools, with buildings and topography being able to be cut - when in cut in section buildings/ground to be solid (Essential) To have correct line weights in 2D views, or the ability to at least edit line weights to suit the required view (Preferred) LCC - Urban Design (Sketchup-Pro User) General Functionality Tile easily and quickly uploaded or imported into Sketchup (Essential) Model easily navigated and orbited, with ease - considering Council hardware and software standards (Essential) Multiple tiles uploaded/imported and stitched together and the subsequently larger model easily navigated/orbited (Essential) Maintain ease of use through the use of multiple tiles (Essential) Layering functionality (Preferred) Accuracy & Readability High scale accuracy (Essential) Built form readable, making it easy to identify individual buildings through their level of detailing (Essential) Accurate representation of land levels / topography (Essential) Highway network clearly identified, depicting both carriageway and pavement spaces (Essential) Green networks & waterways clearly and accurately identified (Essential) Granularity & Modification Finest level of granularity is present (Essential) Ease of selecting specific areas or components of the tile (Essential) Convenient deletion of lines and geometric shapes that does not have a significant effect on the remainder of the model (Essential) 3rd party design proposals imported and placed within the model easily (Essential) Ability to modify imported proposals within the model (Preferred) Geometric built forms of the model altered to test out self-made conceptual proposals, urban restructuring and alternative highway connections (Preferred) Annotation & Presentation Model annotated within Sketchup to highlight specific buildings and land uses (Preferred) Textures applied to aspects of the geometric built form (Preferred) 3D models for the Sketchup model Library be introduced with ease (Essential) Basic fly-through animation created using the model with ease, considering the councils current software and hardware standards (Essential)  34TU  ! . ͼoZoZI8 hOh5B*CJaJph hOh55B*CJaJph)hOhnCB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOh5B*CJPJaJnH phtH /hOhnC56B*CJPJaJnH phtH hOhnCB*CJaJph hOh5B*CJaJph hOhD%5B*CJaJph hOhD%5B*CJaJph hOh=$5B*CJaJph hOhnC5B*CJaJphU z 4 z {  & F d^`gd & F d^`gd & Fd^`gd dgd -DM gdO dgdnC$a$gdD% n y z ( 3 4 n y z ˶tcTCtc hOh#h6B*CJaJphhOh#hB*CJaJph hOhD%6B*CJaJphhOhD%B*CJaJph%hOh=$B*CJaJnH phtH  hOh=$6B*CJaJphhOh=$B*CJaJph(hOh=$5B*CJaJnH phtH  hOh=$5B*CJaJph hOh5B*CJaJph#hOh5B*CJH*aJphz { ! - . / I 0BMNǶǔpǶXǔXX.hOh=$5;B*CJ\aJnH phtH %hOh#hB*CJaJnH phtH  hOh#h6B*CJaJphhOh#hB*CJaJph%hOh=$B*CJaJnH phtH  hOh=$6B*CJaJphhOh=$B*CJaJph(hOh=$5B*CJaJnH phtH (hOhD%5B*CJaJnH phtH  . / I N R@ & F 0d`0gdd-DM gdO & F d^`gd dgd & F d^`gd &EFQR襒}hS>S,S#h1}h6CJPJaJnH tH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhD%B*CJPJaJnH phtH (hOh5B*CJaJnH phtH %hOhB*CJaJnH phtH (hOh;B*CJaJnH phtH +hOh5B*CJ\aJnH phtH .hOh5;B*CJ\aJnH phtH .hOh5;B*CJ\aJnH phtH RSUu456?@TWvwxyվվ꒾{{h%hOhB*CJaJnH phtH ,hOh1}6B*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH !%DEFGPQRe ,-./89||g|)hOh[B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh[6B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH (hOh5B*CJaJnH phtH %Q9;WU? & F d^`gd & F d^`gd dgd & F d^`gd9;W[]^u}~*IJKTUV­˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜jU)hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhM5B*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH (hOh5B*CJaJnH phtH %hOhB*CJaJnH phtH VXpYxyԿԿԿԨzzԿԿeR%hOhB*CJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh1}6B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOhB*CJH*PJaJnH phtH 2345>`   ~iT)hOhnCB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOh9B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH ,hOh6B*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH )hOhB*CJPJaJnH phtH (hOh5B*CJaJnH phtH  & F d^`gdnC21h:p. 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