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The campaign will look to encourage Leicester people to take pride in their city by taking part in a range of activities, such as: -Making the most of our parks -Reporting grotspots -Getting involved in community clean-up days -Using our recycling services Specifications The supplier will be required to provide project management, design, artworking and amends of: A new Love Leicester identity and associated colour palette to create a distinctive look and feel Examples of where and how this identity could be used on items such as headed notepaper, posters, flyers or bus adverts The chosen supplier would then further be asked to provide graphic design services for a range of items - for example using the chosen Love Leicester identity to create posters, flyers or adverts for specific events/services as required. These items would be produced following a design brief supplied by the council. This will be given to the chosen supplier. As a starting point, we envisage a visual identity that is vibrant, fresh, inspiring, contemporary and confident. It needs to be something with plenty of flexibility for potential expansion. The word Leicester will definitely be needed; the word love could be either written out or portrayed as a heart; we would welcome the chance to see both variations to choose from. The colour palette used could perhaps incorporate blues and greens. We also like the idea of a skyline, rural landscape or cityscape, perhaps incorporating silhouette figures and Leicester landmarks - but something that would be flexible and adaptable enough to be truncated or cropped to be used on a range of formats. It is also important that the visual identity works well alongside and/or incorporates the Leicester City Council cinquefoil logo. The supplier will: Supply hi resolution pdfs, raw files (eg in .indd or .eps format) and print-ready final artwork to the council (artwork to remain property of Leicester City Council) Design will need to be completed in line with timescales stipulated by Leicester City Council. A timetable will be supplied, to include all proofing and amendments where required. Work must be completed accurately with attention to detail, following the design brief and including the information stipulated within that brief. Suppliers must be able to work to tight deadlines, as a fast and accurate turnaround of artwork will be required. Samples of work should be submitted as part of your proposal. Please send us some examples of your work on other campaigns and some basic concepts to show how you would go about creating a Love Leicester identity. To be considered, quotations for this work should be returned by 9 am on 10th May 2013 at the very latest. The successful design company will be invited to discuss their concept in more detail prior to contract award. Once created, the design work remains the property of Leicester City Council. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) SUPPLIES BASIC DETAILS OF YOUR FIRM OR ORGANISATION The trading name of the firm or organisation seeking to contract with the CouncilContact person for enquiries about this form: (please state name)Address (with post code) Registered office address (if different from above)Phone number of person named in 1.2E-mail address (if available) of person named in 1.2Website of firm or organisation (if applicable)Legal status of organisation Please tick as appropriate. Sole trader c Public limited company c Private limited company c Limited partnership c Limited liability partnership c Social enterprise c Cooperative c Registered charity c Voluntary, community interest or faith sector organisation c  Company registration number and date (if registered at Companies House)VAT registration number (if applicable) How many staff does your organisation have in total? Include part-time staff and volunteers.Please state your turnover for the last financial year. Where did your organisation read/hear about this particular opportunity? EXPERIENCE Please provide brief details of 3 (three) references whereby your organisation has undertaken work similar to those for which you wish to quote for.Contract 1Contract 2Contract 3Client/customer organisation (name) Website (if available)Customer contact name, phone number and email * Date contract awardedDate contract completedBrief description of contract  ValueIf you cannot provide information on at least one contract, please briefly explain why  References may be contacted for the successful suppliers before contract award to ensure capability. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ORDER. If this quotation is successful then an official order will be raised. Date of request of quote: 08/03/2013 AUTHORISED OFFICER Contact Name: Lisa Brownbridge Leicester City Council (LCC), B6, New Walk Centre, Welford Place, Leicester LE1 6ZG Telephone Number: 0116 252 8923 Email:  HYPERLINK "mailto:procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk" procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk  Delivery Address or Site (if different) IMPORTANT INFORMATION Your quotation will only be accepted on this form as an irrevocable offer (in consideration of your being invited to quote) and emailed by 10/05/2013 to the Authorised Officer, name shown above, to the following address:  HYPERLINK "mailto:procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk" procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk . Conditions are on Council terms unless specified otherwise. Also, LCCs requirement will need to meet LCC and other industry standards/policies, please see below for full details. Quotations will only be accepted on this Document ONLY. However, you may attach associated documents if necessary.Name of Company Providing Quote:Item No.Stock CodeDescription of Supplies/Services/Works to be provided (the Supply)Total UnitsUnit Price (excluding VAT)Total AmountIf applicableIf applicable    DEVIATION/VARIATION (from the Spec) Sub Total Postage Packing & Delivery VAT (at %) GRAND TOTAL (the Contract Price)iMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE supplier The above Quotation should remain open for acceptance by Leicester City Council for a minimum of 30 days from the deadline for submissions date, as shown in the Source Leicestershire advert. To the Supplier: If your quotation expires later than this date, then please state here the exact date: Your signature . for and behalf of ... (Company Name) Evaluation Bids will be assessed to find the most economically advantageous bid in accordance with the following award criteria. Price 40% Quality 60% The lowest price costs submitted will be allocated 30 marks. All other bids will be awarded marks to the following formula; 40 x (Pm / P) Where: Pm = the lowest tendered offer. P = the specific supplier offer under consideration The maximum points attributable to any one submission in the quality evaluation are 60. The qualitative assessment will form 60% of the award. The Quality Evaluation will be a review of previous campaigns and the concepts for Love Leicester suggested. CRITERIASCOREVery high standard with no reservations at all and exceeding the Councils requirements.60,8U   K Z ^ 1 2 @JKUmw %`al{ƾƾƾƾƾƾƾƾƾƾƾƾƾƾƾ{hnhnH*PJaJhgphn5PJaJhnPJ\aJhhnPJaJhyyFhnPJaJhyyFhn5PJaJhnPJaJhr\hnPJaJhr\hn5PJ\aJ hn5aJhr\hn5aJhx>*CJOJQJ^JaJ/,8y e A 1 2 ha:cdgd[f5gdn  & F dgdn dd@&[$\$gdngdngdxbcdlny;~qaQDhBhhdpCJPJ^JhdphdpCJPJ\^JaJh^yhdp5CJ PJ\^JhdpCJPJ\^JaJhBhhdpCJPJ\^JaJhdp5CJ PJ\^JaJ"hBhhdp5CJ PJ\^JaJhn5CJ PJ\^JaJhx5CJ PJ\^JaJhn hn5h[Wh[f5CJOJQJ^Jh[f5CJ^J hr\hHh2JhHhwPdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy$d1$7$8$a$gddpd1$7$8$gddpgdn !"#7kd$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdpdxx$Ifgddpdx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpd1$7$8$gd0p (*\^:<\^ &䵠}n^Qh^vQhwXCJPJ^Jh^vQhwX5CJPJ\^JhwX5CJ PJ\^JaJ!hP/hP/B*CJPJ^Jph"hP/5B*CJPJ^JaJph(hI"hP/5B*CJPJ^JaJphhBhhP/CJPJ^J hBhhdpCJOJPJQJaJ hBhhdpCJOJPJQJ^JhBhhdpCJPJ^JhBhhdpCJPJ\^J#efghgSCdx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpkd$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdpdxx$IfgddpwcSSdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpkd,$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdp(*wcSSdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpkd$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdp*,.wcSSdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$IfgddpkdX$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdp ,wcSEE5dx$Ifgddpdx$Ifgddpdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpkd$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdp,b>` d$Ifgddpdx$Ifgddp wcSSdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpkd$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdpwcSSdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpkd$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdp_`wcSSdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpkd$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdp`abwcSSdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$IfgddpkdF$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdpwcSSdxx$Ifgddp & Fdxx$Ifgddpkd$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdpwiiiiiiV$dxx$Ifa$gdwXd1$7$8$gd0pkdr$$Ifl    F(0    4)    4 laytdp!fkd$$Ifl4    ^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwXdxx$Ifgd fkd$$Ifl4    ^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwX&OP`hx}~PQRgm騝xjXIh q5CJ PJ\^JaJ"hh5CJ PJ\^JaJjh6cUmHnHuhdp5CJ PJ\^JaJhLXCJPJ\^JhxCJPJ\^JhHCJPJ\^Jh 5CJ PJ\^JaJ!h^vQhwXB*CJPJ^Jphh^vQhwXCJPJ^JhwXCJPJ^Jh CJPJ^Jh^vQhwXCJPJ^JhwXCJPJ^J<kd$$Ifl4    \_ [^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwX$dxx$Ifa$gdwXdxx$IfgdwX%&'(Okd$$Ifl4    \_ [^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwXdxx$IfgdwX ()*@ABCOkd $$Ifl4    \_ [^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwXdxx$IfgdwXCD\]^__OOOOdxx$IfgdwXkd3 $$Ifl4    \_ [^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwX_`_OOOOOOOdxx$IfgdwXkd $$Ifl4    \_ [^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwX_OOOOdxx$IfgdwXkd $$Ifl4    \_ [^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwX_O??dxx$IfgdwXdx$IfgdwXkdL $$Ifl4    \_ [^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwXnoxjjjjjT$d$1$7$8$@&Ifgddpd1$7$8$gdd1$7$8$^gdj=d1$7$8$gd0pfkd $$Ifl4    ^% 0    "4 la)f4ytwX mnoʷʨ{l`QE6hhCJPJ^JaJhj=CJPJ^JaJhBhhl:CJPJ^JaJhnCJPJ^JaJhhCJPJ^JaJh hCJPJ^JaJh hCJPJ^JaJh hCJPJ^JaJh*CJPJ\^JaJ"h h5CJPJ\^JaJ"hh5CJPJ\^JaJ"h0ph5CJPJ\^JaJ'77FѿѿѴrbSC7hdpCJPJ^JaJhXhdp5CJPJ^JaJhBhhdpCJ PJ^JaJ huemhuem>*CJPJ^JaJ)huemh*CJPJ\^JaJ89Xn~GHIUkd $$Ifl40)t)44 laf4ytuemd$1$7$8$IfgdJd$1$7$8$IfgddpFGHI_< = x y W!X!!!!̼t]P>"hth0p5CJPJ\^JaJhBhhl:CJ^JaJ,jhBhhl:0JCJPJU\^JaJ#hBhhl:0JCJPJ\^JaJ hBhhl:jhBhhl:U"hwXB* CJPJ\^JaJph"hwPB* CJPJ\^JaJphhBhhl:CJPJ\^JaJ"hBhhl:5CJPJ\^JaJ h6chhhuemCJPJ^JaJh8$CJPJ^JaJI_X!!!!!!@Tkd$$Iflk0 ) )44 laytc.d$7$8$H$Ifgd'rBkd $$Ifl4)))44 laf4ytuem$d$1$7$8$Ifa$gdl:!!!!!"+"1"2"I"O"p"v"}"~""""""""""""ʺʺʺʺʲ|r^G,h6ch%CJOJPJQJ^JaJnH tH &h7V?CJOJPJQJ^JaJnH tH h%CJ^JaJhXPCJPJ^JaJhXPh8$CJPJ^JaJh8$CJPJ^JaJh8$h8$CJPJ^JaJhXPh% 5hXPhKX5CJPJ^JaJhXPh5CJPJ^JaJh7hc.5hc.5CJPJ^JaJh7hc.5CJPJ^JaJ!!":"I"U"p"}"d$1$7$8$Ifgd d$1$7$8$Ifgd}"~"kd$$IflֈO> %)Mnnnn    <)44 lap<yt6c~""""""""""""""d$Ifgd^ $Ifgd%d$1$7$8$Ifgd """""""""""""""""""""#}nbSD8D8SDhJCJPJ^JaJhhJCJPJ^JaJh8$hJCJPJ^JaJhJCJPJ^JaJhQhQCJPJ^JaJhQhCJPJ^JaJhQhz5CJPJ^JaJ"hQhJ5>*CJPJ^JaJ"hQh7V?5>*CJPJ^JaJ h6chJhhXPCJPJ^JaJh8$CJPJ^JaJhXPh8$CJPJ^JaJhh8$CJPJ^JaJ""kd$$Iflp ֈO> %)Mnnnn <)44 lap<yt >"""""""""" & Fd$1$7$8$IfgdJ & Fd$1$7$8$Ifgd8$ & Fd$1$7$8$Ifgdd$1$7$8$Ifgd "###%#&#obLLL & Fd$1$7$8$Ifgd $Ifgd8$kd0$$Ifl4F %)`!nn )    44 laf4pyt6c### #$#&#'#E#N#O###$ $!$$$$$$߾ygyWJy>yh >CJPJ^JaJh5CJPJ^JaJh)h5CJPJ^JaJ"h)h56CJPJ^JaJhCJPJ^JaJhBhhCJPJ^JaJ%hBhh5;>*CJPJ^JaJh5;>*CJPJ^JaJ h6chJhhJCJPJ^JaJ"h8$hJ5CJPJ\^JaJ"hhJ5CJPJ\^JaJh8$hJCJPJ^JaJ&#'#N#O#$$$$$$$q[[[[[[[[[ & Fd$1$7$8$Ifgdkd$$Ifl4F %) !nn )    44 lapyt6c $$$%%y%|%%%%&&ooggg$a$gdH & F dP7$8$gdHm$7$8$gdH & Fvd1$7$8$^v`gdaDkd$$Ifl4)))44 laf4yta & Fd$1$7$8$Ifgd $$$%%%%%%%%%%%&&&&&&&&&'|'}'~'''̽t`J*hhH56B*CJPJ^Jhph'hhH6B*CJPJ^JhphhhHB*CJ^Jph%h-hHB*CJ^JnH phtH hHB*CJ^JphhwPB*CJ^Jphh-hHB*CJ^JphhH5CJPJ\^JaJ h5CJPJ\^JaJ hG5CJPJ\^JaJ h6chhhCJPJ^JaJ&&&&&'&G&~&&''}'~''''$$ &$1$@&If]&a$gds $1$Ifgds dP7$8$gdH7$8$gdH'''''oaVa $1$Ifgds $$1$Ifa$gdskdM$$IflRF !o0w!6    44 layts'''''''2456 ׳ױ׳׳׳׳|xmxhl:h CJaJh jh UmHnHuhj:jhj:U"hPJil*8#SN[1ʑq'BDŽΘ(~Y!5:p4髈 v MRjDۄjJjB=Y2)ed3/Wu:þaʜM~/1c՚w&m.6}QG(98:mŦoVjZP:fsآ;Pj|\I-P!9m}aD0_lp'1RBe  `[A+TW*}*Jp WhXp GV}NhX(ndY # 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