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PRICING FOR SAFETY PRICING THE WORKS ACCESSING THE WORKS BUILDING CONTROL PRE QUOTATION HEALTH AND SAFETY PLAN TRADE PREAMBLES SCHEDULE OF WORKS GENERAL SUMMARY SHEET FORM OF QUOTATION INSTRUCTIONS Leicester City Council requires a general builder to carry out: Minor Structural Works & Plastering at 78 Heather Road Drawing and photo information is provided for you to quote against. 2 The following documents are attached and are included as part of the Invitation to Quote documents: Quotation, specification and pricing document Drawing and photo information Selection Questionnaire 3 Contractors ARE required to complete the Selection Questionnaire UNLESS they are registered on EXOR and are gold accredited 4 Contractors are required to be either EXOR approved gold standard for the appropriate category of works or to have been successfully assessed as being capable of undertaking the works through completion of the questionnaire. Any subsequent quotation that is accepted will be awarded on the basis of lowest price. 5. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will quotations be accepted which arrive after the due date and time for receipt or which fail to meet the required minimum threshold standard as outlined in the Selection Questionnaire 6 The Contractor is required to complete and return Pricing Schedule Completed Selection Questionnaire Asbestos awareness certificates Signed Quotation Contractors who do not confirm EXOR registration or complete the selection questionnaire will not be evaluated. Contractors who do not sign: DECLARATION AND CANVASSING CERTIFICATE; COLLUSIVE QUOTATION DECLARATION forms will be required to sign before award of contract(s) 7 Quotations shall be returned by no later than 15:00hrs, Friday 12th April 2013. 8 All quotations are to be sent electronically to:  HYPERLINK "mailto:procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk" procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk Quoting reference: PAN 0226 Minor Structural Works & Plastering at 78 Heather Road in the subject line. HARD COPIES ARE NOT REQUIRED Please provide email address for correspondence along with return information ORDERS - TERMS AND CONDITIONS This Order is issued subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. Definitions: "The Contractor" shall mean the person or firm named on Order No. TBC "The Council" shall mean the Leicester City Council. "The Works" shall mean the work specified on Order No: TBC 2. The Works shall commence on: Monday 22nd April 2013. 3. The Works shall be completed on or before: Within 6 working weeks. 4. (a) If the Works are not completed on or before the date specified in Clause 3 then liquidated damages will be payable by the Contractor at the rate of 250.00p per week. The Council may deduct such liquidated damages from any monies due to the Contractor under this Order or it may recover them from the Contractor as a debt or deduct the liquidated damages from any monies due to the Contractor under the order. (b) DEFECTS LIABILITY: Damage to the structure, fixtures, fittings or services by the Contractor, may occur during the course of the works. Notwithstanding the Contractors responsibility, damage to property and insurance Section (5), all damage which creates a danger to life or limb shall be dealt with immediately. All other repair work shall be completed within a period of 48 hours. The Council shall retain 5 per cent of any monies due to the Contractor until after the works have been completed to the satisfaction of the Council, then reducing to 2.5% for the defects period of 6 months building works & 12 months services thereafter. N/A FOR THESE WORKS. 5. The Contractor shall take out and maintain for the duration of the Works and shall on demand make available to the Council for inspection: (a) Employers Liability Insurance to comply with the Employers Liability of 10m (Compulsory). Insurance Act 1969 and any statutory orders made thereunder or any amendment or re-enactment thereof. (b) Public Liability Insurance cover in the sum of 10m for any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of one event. The Contractor shall be liable for and shall indemnify the Council against any expense liability loss claim or proceedings in respect of any injury or damage whatsoever to any property real or personal (other than injury or damage to the Works) insofar as such injury or damage arises out of or in the course of or by reason of the carrying out of the Works and to the extent that the same is due to any negligence breach of statutory duty omission or default of the Contractor his servants or agents or of any person employed or engaged by the Contractor upon or in connection with the Works or any part thereof. (c) The Contractor shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Council, against all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, damages, cost, charges and expenses arising from this order, in relation to the injury to or death of any person and loss or damage to any property (other than injury or damage to the Works), insofar as such injury or damage taken out of or in the course of or by reason of the carrying out of Works and to the extent that the same is due to any negligence breach of statutory duty omission or default of the Contractor, his servants or agents or any person employed or engaged by the Contractor upon or in connection with the Works or any part thereof. (d) The Contractor agrees to undertake at all times whether before or after the termination of this contract (however such termination may arise) to treat all information it receives as a consequence of this Order as secret and confidential to the Council. The Contractor shall not at any time for any reason disclose or permit to be disclosed to any person such confidential information except where:- (i)The person is an employee of or sub-contractor to the Contractor and the disclosure to that person is necessary for the Contractor to discharge its obligations under this contract, in which case the Contractor shall make the person aware of the confidential nature of the information and shall indemnify the Council and keep the Council indemnified against any breach of this clause by that person. (ii) The information is already in the public domain or comes into the public domain otherwise than through the act of default of the Contractor. 6. (a) The Contractor shall comply fully with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, The Management of Health and safety at Work Regulations 1992, The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 and any amendments or re-enactments thereof. (b) The Contractor shall immediately nominate a person to be responsible for health and safety matters. (c) The Contractor shall provide the Council with an up to date copy of its statement of safety policy. (d) Where required by the Council, the Contractor shall provide a written method statement detailing a safe system of work. 7. The Contractor shall satisfy to the Council upon demand that he complies with the terms of the Industrial Training Act 1986 so far as he is required to. 8. The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of the Race Relations Act 1976 and any amendments thereto, or further such Act as may from time to time be in force, and shall use all reasonable endeavours to comply with any code of practice issued thereunder by the Commission of Racial Equality or any successor body thereto. 9. The Council shall be entitled to cancel this Order and to recover from the Contractor the amount of any loss resulting from such cancellation if: (a) The Contractor has offered, given or agreed to give any person any gift or consideration of any kind as an inducement or reward for doing or declining to do or for having done, or declined to do any action in relation to the obtaining or execution of the contract or any other contract with the Council; or (b) The Contractor has shown or declined to show favour or disfavour to any person in relation to the contract or any other contract with the Council, even if done by a person or body employed by the Contractor with or without the Contractors knowledge; or (c) In relation to any contract with the Council, the Contractor or any principal employed by the Contractor or acting on the Contractors behalf shall have committed any offence under the Prevention of Corruption Acts, 1889 to 1916, or shall have given any fee or reward, the receipt of which is an offence under sub-section (2) of Section 17 of the Local Government Act 1972. 10.A The Council may terminate this Order forthwith if the Contractor shall default in any one or more of the following respects: i. If the Contractor without reasonable cause fails to proceed diligently with the works or wholly suspends the carrying out of the Works before completion; ii. If the Contractor becomes bankrupt or makes any composition or arrangement with his creditors or has a proposal in respect of his company for a voluntary arrangement for a composition of debts or scheme of arrangement approved in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986 or has an application made under the Insolvency Act 1986 in respect of his company to the court for the appointment of an administrator or has a winding up order made or (except for the purposes of reconstruction) a resolution for voluntary winding up passed or a receiver or manager of his business or undertaking is duly appointed as an administrative receiver as defined in the Insolvency Act 1986 or possession is taken by or on behalf of any creditor of any property the subject of a charge. B. i. If the Council terminates this Order then the Contractor shall immediately give up possession of the site of the Works and the Council shall not be bound to make any further payments to the Contractor. ii. If the Order is terminated the Council shall be free to have the works completed by a third party and the costs of such works shall be recoverable by the Council from the Contract. This clause will be without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to the Council. 11. Any forbearance or delay by the Council in relation to any breach or default in discharging any of the provisions of this contract by the Contractor shall not be construed as a waiver of that of any subsequent breach or default. Any waiver by the Council of any breach of or default in discharging the obligations of the Contractor under this Contract shall apply only to that breach or default and shall not constitute a waiver of any rights of the Council in relation to any subsequent breach or default. Any waiver by the City Council shall only be effective if issued in writing and signed on behalf of the Council. 12. This agreement is personal to the Contractor and any right or obligation arising under it may only be sub-contracted assigned or otherwise transferred with the prior consent in writing of the Council. 13. In the event of any conflict between these terms and any terms which the Contractor may provide then these terms shall prevail. 14. These Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law. PROPOSED DESCRIPTION OF WORKS 1) DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKS / GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 1.1 GENERAL: The successful contractor shall carryout the works as detailed in Section31 Schedule of Works any deviations will not be accepted unless prior written approval has been sought from the supervising officer and written approval given. Any materials fitted which have not been approved or workmanship that is not to the approved standard may have to be replaced to the specification at no extra cost to Leicester City Council. Quotation to be priced as per the items detailed in Section 31 Schedule of Works. (Each item must be individually priced) and carried forward to the General Summary Sheet. Quotations to be returned, on or before 15:00hrs, Friday 12th April 2) LOCATION / EXTENT OF THE WORKS Minor Structural Works & Plastering at 78 Heather Road, Leicester. 3) QUALITY CONTROL The contractor when pricing this document, shall allow for a Supervising person who will be directly responsible for programming the works, Quality Control, E.M.A.S. obligations, Health & Safety monitoring of on-site works and all relative contract correspondence. 4) PLANT, TOOLS AND VEHICLES The contractor is to include for the following when pricing these works. All labour and materials, plant tools, implements, hoists, electric supply, electric power, gas machinery and scaffolding for all trades and nominated Subcontractors, Tarpaulins, proper and sufficient protective works, all cartage of materials to and from the site. All necessary watching and lighting and everything necessary for the proper and efficient execution of the works to the satisfaction of the Supervising Officer. At completion or earlier as the various items become superfluous, clear these from buildings and site and make good any damage or omitted parts of the finishings, the execution of which may have been temporarily suspended. Parking- The contractor is responsible for arranging any necessary parking permits/highway licences and the costs associated with. Parking of the Contractor's and employees' vehicles will be restricted at all sites. The Contractor shall be responsible to the local, private or other authorities for all damage to highways, roads, kerbs, footways, drainage, play areas etc., incurred through the carrying out of this contract/works and shall take care to minimise disturbance to fences, hedges and other planting e.g. trees. WORK AFFECTING ADJOINING PREMISES No operative is to be allowed to trespass upon adjoining properties. If the execution of the works requires that operatives must enter upon adjoining property, the Contractor, who is to see that these instructions are carried out, must first obtain the necessary permission. The Contractor shall indemnify the Employer against any claim or action for damages on account of any trespass or other misconduct of the Contractor. Where an adjoining premise(s) will be affected by the Contractors works the Contractor will service a Notice (under The Party Wall Act 1997) to the adjoining owners premise(s) giving at least two months notice before the works commence. Any work, which in the opinion of the Director of Housing, is likely to cause annoyance or inconvenience to occupants in the vicinity must be carried out at such times during normal working hours as may be directed by the Contract Administrator. DAMAGE TO ROADWAYS ETC. The Contractor shall be responsible to the local, private or other authorities for all damage to highways, roads, kerbs, footways, drainage, play areas etc. incurred through the carrying out of this contract and shall take care to minimise disturbance to fences, hedges and other planting, e.g. trees. The contractor shall provide adequate protection to all mature and established trees in the affected working area to prevent irreversible damage. In the event of damage or disturbance being caused, the Contractor shall indemnify the Employer against any claim for damages or repairs on that account. SECURITY OF SITE (S) The Contractor shall be responsible for the security of the site(s) at all times during the course of the contract and shall indemnify the Employer against any loss, damage or claim arising therefore, and shall allow for all costs required for protecting the site(s). Any damage caused to any of the site(s) in the contractors responsibility shall be made good at the contractors own expense and to the satisfaction of the Contract Administrator. WATER The Contractor is to provide the whole of the water required for these works and he is to provide all necessary plumbing, hose, etc. and pay all Water Authoritys charges in connection with same. NOTE: The contractor is to have adequate control and prevention to minimise wasting of water whilst these processes are occurring. TEMPORARY ELECTRICITY SUPPLY The Contractor shall provide all necessary artificial lighting and power for protection and for the execution and security of the works, with all meters, temporary wiring and fittings etc. pay all charges and alter, adapt and maintain the temporary work as necessary and remove and make good at completion. On no account is a power supply to be taken from tenanted dwellings. PROTECTION AND MAKING GOOD The Contractor shall take every precaution to protect the works from damage by inclement weather, vandalism or any other indirect or direct cause. The Contractor is to provide, fix and remove when not required, all necessary shoring, strutting, tarpaulins, dust sheets, coverings and other temporary protection to all work and make good at his own expense, all and any damage occasioned to the property and works, damaged during the course of or arising out of the work contained in this Specification. SITE CLEANLINESS Remove all superfluous earth, rubbish, surplus material and fittings not required from the works with all reasonable speed from time to time and at completion. Rubbish must not be allowed to accumulate. The contractor shall produce waste transfer notes on completion of these processes. NOTICE TO BUILDING OCCUPANTS The Contractor is to give reasonable general notice to building occupants before commencing the work. DAMAGE TO PROPERTY It is the contractors responsibility to insure against damage to property or personnel arising from whatever cause, whether accidental or malicious, negligent or otherwise during the execution of the works. 14. THE COUNCILS POLICY ON RACIAL HARASSMENT The Council believes in racial equality and social justice and wishes to make it clear that it is wholly against all forms of racial harassment and intimidation. The Council is firmly resolved to use all the powers and resources at its disposal to eliminate all forms of racial harassment, in order to ensure that any employees of firms used by the Council are able to work free from racial intimidation and abuse. 15. WORKFORCE AND TENANTS It is not expected that operatives will answer tenants queries. However, the contractor is to ensure that operatives are: Polite and courteous at all times to tenants Identify themselves by name to tenants if requested, about the works in progress. CODE OF GOOD EMPLOYER PRACTICE The contractor is to include when costing for compliance, with the following Leicester City Councils Code of Good Employer Practice as follows: This Code has been drafted in accordance with the Councils Policy and Resources Committees wishes, to have appended to the Contractual Orders a Code relating to good employer practices. The City Council accepts the constraints on Authorities, under the Local Government Act 1988, with regard to certain types of matters in this area. Nevertheless, the City Council still feels that it is right for there to be a Code within the statutory constraints. The Council has established this Code of Good Employer Practice, which has been incorporated in its Contractual orders. The Council hopes that contractors will endeavour to comply with this Code. Further information, if so required, can be obtained from the Town Clerk. Equal Opportunities The Council, while it is unable to have regard to the matters covered by the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Equal Pay Act 1975 and the Disabled Persons (Employment) Acts 1944 and 1958, the Acts in any part of quotation selection or contract process, hopes that all contractors or suppliers will endeavour at all times to comply with the Acts in respect of the provision of goods and services by them to the Council. The Council shall be entitled to require every contractor to set out its policy on race relations: In instructions to those concerned with recruitment, training and promotion; In documents available to employees, recognised trade unions or other representative groups of employees; In recruitment advertisements and other literature. (c) The Contractor agrees, not to practice and to take all steps as may or may become necessary or desirable to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, nationality or national or ethnic origins, or age or disability, between persons who are or have applied to become employees of the Contractor and to comply in all respects with all Acts of Parliament which have been or any thereafter be passed, (including but not limited to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Race Relations Act 1976, and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) and all bylaws, rules regulations, orders, codes of practice or guidance notes made or issued there under the authority of Parliament which are concerned with the prevention of such discrimination. 16.3 Health and Safety - See Safety Requirements, Section 18. All contractors will: Comply with the Health & Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 and any other specialised safety regulations which may apply to the type of work being carried out; Provide a reasonable time before work commences, a copy of its safety policy and, where appropriate, a detailed safe working system for the particular task which is to be carried out; Allow the Councils Safety Officers to visit the contract side or place of work; Ensure that notices relating to safety standards applicable to the Contractors or suppliers trades are displayed in any work place or site used in the execution of the work required to be undertaken. 16.4 Construction Design & Management Regulations The Contractor shall comply with the above regulations throughout the course of the works. The Contractor who is successful to carry out these works shall provide a method working statement, highlighting all of the risks incurred in these works and how they intend to eliminate them. Works costs to be fully inclusive of this item. Subcontracting: N/A Every Contractor will Obtain the permission of the Supervising Officer, as specified in the contract between the Council and the Contractor or supplier, before any subcontracting commences; Use its best endeavours to see that any subcontractor complies with this Code and, where possible, provide copies, or concise versions of it to subcontractors. 16.6 Monitoring of Code For the purpose of monitoring this Code, the Council will expect every contractor to allow any duly accredited representative of the Council to have the right, at all reasonable times, to enter any site, depot, workshop or office of the Contractor. Miscellaneous In this Code Contractor includes a company, firm, partnership, other business or individual. In addition, it also covers suppliers. 17. ECO-MANAGEMENT & AUDIT SCHEME (E.M.A.S.) ENVIRONMENT CLAUSES The Contractor must allow in their quotation for the following corporate environmental clauses, which they will adhere to throughout the contract period. The Contractor shall comply with its statutory obligations under Environmental Legislation and for the purposes of this Contract Environmental Legislation means the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Water Resources Act 1991 and any other U.K. Legislation, E.C. Legislation, international convention of a binding nature and other binding material issues pursuant to the same which make provision for the control of pollution, the control of hazardous substances, land use control and wildlife and countryside protection. In the event of any finding by any court or tribunal or other judicial or quasi-judicial body being made against the Contractor in respect of any breach of Environmental Legislation, the Contractor shall take appropriate steps to abate such breach and prevent its repetition. The Contractor shall, upon request, provide the Authorised Officer with details of any steps taken under condition 2. The Contractor shall submit an Environmental Method Statement to show how you will comply with the aims of the Councils Environmental Policy, in accordance with the environmental legislation. How does the company intend to ensure that, its staff working methods, equipment and materials comply with environmental legislation and minimise environmental emergency, i.e. Wise use of energy Wise use of manufactured materials Safe and minimal disposal of waste materials Avoidance of pollution. Acts & Regulations that apply to the Eco-Management & Audit Scheme HEALTH & SAFETY REQUIREMENTS The Contractor is to ensure that all works are carried out in compliance with current health and safety legislation. The Contractor is to produce for inspection with the quotation documentation, a copy of their Health & Safety Policy (as required by Section 2 (3) of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974). This document must be signed by an executive director and include a statement regarding the Contractors control of Sub-contractors. The name of the appointed company Safety Advisor is also to be provided. A guidance pamphlet HSC 6 Writing a Safety Policy Statement advice to employees can be obtained free from HSE Books, P.O. Box 1999, Sudbury, Suffolk C010 6FS or Local HSE Office. An assessment of risks to employees, sub-contractors, visitors and members of the public should be carried out by the Contractor prior to the commencement of works. Where the Contractor has more than 5 employees this should be in written format. The risk assessment should identify the hazards presented by the activities to be undertaken, the risks presented by those hazards and the controls measures that will be implemented to reduce or eliminate those risks. The Contractor is to make their risk assessments available to the Supervising Officer or the Councils Safety Officer on request. Method Statements for all high-risk activities are to be submitted to the Supervising Officer at quotation and approved before the commencement of any works to which they relate. The Contractor is to make persons working on or visiting the works, aware of the hazards that may put them at risk of injury/ill health and the control measures that are to be followed to prevent or reduce the risks. All persons on site and visitors to the works are to be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as may be necessary to protect them from harm. The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that (PPE) is worn. The Contractor is to ensure that all persons involved in the works are competent (knowledge, skill and training) to carry out the tasks they have been allocated. Where training is required, this is to be the responsibility of the Contractor and at their expense. Where work is to be carried out on a site occupied by Leicester City Council employees, the Contractor is to co-ordinate their activities so that employees and members of the public are not put at risk by the work being undertaken. Contractors are to co-operate with the premises manager in ensuring that activities are carried out in a manner that causes the least inconvenience to members of staff and the public. Where work is to be carried out on a site occupied by a tenant of LCC, the contractor is to liaise with that tenant and co-ordinate their activities, so that the tenant is not put at risk and that the minimum of inconvenience is caused during the execution of the works. It is the Contractors responsibility to ensure that all equipment used by them and their Sub-Contractors is regularly maintained and where required by legislation, are inspected and certificated at the appropriate times. The Condition of Contract empowering the Authority or the Supervising Officer require the contractor to cease to employ in connection with the Contract, any person whose continued employment thereon is considered undesirable, shall apply in cases of breach of the safety and welfare requirements. The Contractor is to provide and maintain suitable and sufficient welfare facilities for the number of persons on site, including Sub-Contractors. The Contractor is to ensure that all reportable injuries, dangerous occurrences and prescribe diseases that occur on site are reported as required under RIDDOR. The Supervising Officer is to be informed immediately of serious injuries or death. The Contractor is to ensure that adequate provision is made for first aid. This includes trained personnel and suitable/sufficient first aid equipment/materials for all the persons on site and the nature of the hazards involved. No work on site is to commence without the written authority of the Supervising Officer. 19. NOISE CONTROL The Contractor shall ensure that all measures are taken to control the noise levels produced by their operations on site as required under or by virtue of any Enactment, Regulation or Code of Practice or by the working rules of any industry. The Contractors attention is drawn to the provisions of Section 60 and 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, which relates to the control of noise from construction sites and to the British Standard BS5228: 1984 Codes of Practice for Noise Control on Construction and Demolition Sites. The hours of work shall be limited to: Monday to Friday, 7.30 to 17.00. There shall be no working on Saturdays or Sundays or on the following days: Easter - Good Friday & Easter Monday May Day Spring Bank Holiday Late Summer Bank Holiday Christmas - 24th December plus the following 3 weekdays. Monitoring of the noise emission from the site may be carried out by the Environmental Control Section of the City Council at any time during the course of the works using methods specified in Appendix E of the British Standard Code of Practice for Noise Control of Construction and Demolition Sites. In the event of an excessive noise emission being detected, the Contractor will be expected to immediately remedy the situation without recourse to the City Council in respect of additional expenditure that the Contractor incurred in such remedial works or as a result of delay to the progress of the works through this cause. f) The Contractor is expected to use the best practicable means, as defined in Section 72 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, to reduce noise to a minimum at all times. g) Only the quietest suitable plant and machinery should be used, properly silenced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. The Contractor is expected to give careful consideration to the location of plant on site in order to conform to the noise level restrictions. h) For further information concerning noise emissions from the site, Bidders are advised to contact the Environmental Control Section, telephone 0116 2526401. 20. DUST CONTROL The Contractor is expected to abide by the provisions of Section 27 of the Leicester Act 1985, where applicable to the operations and to take adequate measures to prevent dust emissions (including chemicals in solution and grit) affecting members of the public or occupiers of premises adjacent to the works. The Contractor is to allow for such measures in the Quotation Price. 21. WORK INVOLVING ASBESTOS The disturbance (removal, encapsulation etc.) of any licensable material must only be carried out by a Licensed Contractor strictly in accordance with current legislation (Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006). The Contractor is to comply with all current regulations and ACOPs. Leicester City Council will where it is deemed appropriate, appoint an approved analyst who is accredited to and meets the standards and criteria set out in ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 to carry out four stage clearance procedures and provide a certificate of re-occupation on completion of the works. Where licensed work on any asbestos containing material is being carried out under controlled conditions only authorised personnel will be allowed to enter the work area or enclosure. All work with asbestos which normally requires a license is to be notified to the Health and Safety Executive licensing unit giving 14 days notice of the intention to carry out the work. All Contractors are responsible for the Health, Safety and Welfare of their own employees. Leicester City Council will, however, particularly insist on compliance with HSE Approved Codes of Practice L143 (Work with Materials Containing Asbestos) for any work that is likely to disturb any unlicensed Asbestos Containing Material, or HSG247 (Asbestos: The licensed Contractors Guide) for licensed asbestos removal works. All contractors who are to carry out works involving the disturbance of an Asbestos containing material in Leicester City Council Properties must provide their workers with a method Statement (plan of work) detailing how the work is to be carried out safely and in accordance with current UK legislation. This method statement must be read and understood by all workers involved, and remain on site for the duration of the work. Leicester City Council reserves the right to monitor for compliance with current UK regulations and approved codes of practice. This may involve taking air samples (background, reassurance and personal monitoring) at any time to ensure that control limits and peak levels are not exceeded and to ensure compliance. Asbestos is a controlled waste, which when transported is notifiable to the Environment agency under current UK legislation in commercial and industrial properties where 200kg of waste is exceeded in any 12-month period. The Contractor transporting the waste must have a current carriers license issued by the Environment Agency under the Control of Pollution (Amended) Act 1989. Waste from domestic properties is not normally notifiable, but still requires a carriers license to transport. All waste must be taken from the property/site directly to a licensed transfer station or tipping site. With regard to new or replacement work, any asbestos containing material must not be used or replaced. Leicester City Council will so far as is reasonably practicable, notify the successful contractor of the location, type, condition and extent of any asbestos containing material that may be likely to be disturbed during any work on council owned properties. Leicester City Council insist that the successful contractor is to immediately notify, and confirm in writing at a later time to the Contract Administrator if they discover any suspect material that may contain asbestos within the working area (giving, where possible, location and condition). Except in the case of licensed asbestos removal contractors who are appointed solely for the removal of licensable materials. In cases where suspect materials are discovered, works on site may be halted whilst samples are obtained for the purpose of verification in order to refute or confirm that asbestos fibres are present in the material. Monitoring carried out and materials removed in accordance with current regulations. All contractors who employ personnel who carry work in Leicester City Council properties and are likely to disturb any asbestos containing material during their work must provided their employees who carry out those works with asbestos awareness/removal training in accordance with ACOP L143 as a minimum requirement, on an annual basis. 22. HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES The Contractor is to ensure that all materials and substances that are brought onto any site to which this quotation refers, are assessed under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 1994. The Authority will inspect the Contractors COSHH assessments prior to commencement of work and as and when considered appropriate. The Contractor shall supply the Supervising Officer on request with any such details, as any reasonably is required, including Manufacturers/Suppliers Safety Data Sheets. The Contractor is to provide documentary evidence of a continuous system of review and updating of both assessments and safety data sheets. Materials shall only be used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and shall not be used otherwise without the consent of the Supervising Officer. Such materials shall not be used until the Contractor has received approval of the same in writing from the Supervising Officer. The Contractor is to ensure that all persons required to use hazardous substances are made aware of the hazards relating to the substances, the risks involved and the protective/preventive control measures to be applied. The Contractor shall take all reasonable steps to ascertain the nature of materials used by others on each site and determine and notify the Supervising Officer of any hazards. No aerosol sprays containing CFC propellants may be used. The Contractor shall take all reasonable steps to confirm that materials proposed for use will not react with or adversely affect any previously applied or used materials. Any action necessary to enable the use of proposed materials shall be at the expense of the Contractor and the cost of any remedial work caused by their failure to company with this condition shall be recoverable from the Contractor as a debt. All materials shall be used and stored in compliance with any legislation that any apply to that material. All materials used for the purpose of the Contract should be stored at all times in a secure manner. Where hazardous or flammable materials are involved, they shall be kept in their original or suitable containers and marked with appropriate warnings. No hazardous materials shall be left in any building unless secured in appropriate locked storage facilities, displaying warning signs and accompanied by the relevant Safety Data Sheet. The Contractor shall obtain written approval from the Supervising Officer before storing any inflammable or hazardous materials in any building. The Supervising Officer shall, during the performance of the works, have power to order: The removal within such time or times as may be specified in the order of any materials which in his opinion are not in accordance with the Contract or are of an inferior quality or harmful to the health and safety of the Authoritys employees, the Contractors employees or any other persons frequenting the premises or that they may damage the Authoritys property or environment; The replacement of the said materials with all possible dispatch at the Contractors expense by proper and suitable materials; The removal or proper re-execution (notwithstanding any previous test thereof or interim payment thereof) at the Contractors expense of any work which in respect of materials is not, in the opinion of the Supervising Officer in accordance with the Contract; and In cases of non-compliance with any instructions the Supervising Officer may cause the said inferior or improper materials to be taken away or otherwise dealt with without payment or compensation to the Contractor for the said materials and if the improper materials are removed by any person other than the Contractor or his employees, servants or agents, the Contractor shall on demand pay the Authority the cost of such removals. If the said cost is not paid within 7 days of being demanded, it may be deducted from any monies due or which may become due by the Authority to the Contractor or may be recovered from the Contractor by the Authority as a debt. For all purposes of this condition the decision and instructions of the Supervising Officer shall be final. 23. PRECAUTIONS AGAINST FIRE AND OTHER RISKS The Contractor shall comply with current fire legislation and any additional instructions that may be given by the Supervising Officer. The Contractor is to make themselves familiar with and comply with any existing fire precautions (including evacuation procedures) that are in place on any site. Where these conflict with the Contractors activities, the Contractor is to inform the Supervising Officer before commencement of works. The Contractor shall strictly comply with any statutory regulations, which govern the storage of explosives, highly flammable liquids and liquid petroleum gases or other materials brought onto the site. The Contractor shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage from any of the accepted risks and to minimise the amount of any such loss or damage caused by a representative of the Authority. 24. EXISTING POWER CABLES, SERVICES, DRAINS ETC. The Contractor shall exercise particular care to avoid damage to or any unauthorised interference with the working of buried, hidden and visible mains and services (e.g. gas, water, electricity, telecoms, fibre optic cables, buried cables and sewers, drains and ditches etc.) and associated brackets, posts, fittings, lagging etc. The Contractor is to ensure that suitable and adequate means are provided to prevent the collapse of any excavation. Where this is by timbering, sheeting, props or other means of support, these are to be on site before commencement of the excavation. The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that excavations over 2m deep are to be inspected before the start of every shift and thoroughly examined once in every 7 days. Examinations are also to be carried out after any event that may have affected the temporary support. A record of examinations is to be kept in Form F91 (The Work at Height Regs). Any faults discovered during any inspection/examination are to be put right immediately. A suitable means of access is to be provided for all excavations in which persons are working. 25. PRICING FOR SAFETY Items of safety must be realistically priced. All works shall be priced in accordance with current Legislation and Regulations that apply to this work. 26. PRICING THE WORKS Detailed sketch and photos have been supplied. The Contractor is to cost the Schedule of Works located in Section 31 of this document and the General Summary Sheet and return a copy of both. Any returns received later than the specified date & time WILL NOT be considered. All submitted prices shall include all preliminaries, overheads, profit, Insurances, Health & safety, EMAS. Labour costs, plant, material, mileage, parking permits & all other costs incurred by the contractor in providing the service. 27. ACCESSING THE WORKS The contractor shall include for all necessary scaffold to be erected for these works so they can be executed in accordance with all current Health & Safety legislation. A temporary security fence shall be erected at the base of the scaffold to deter any members of the public from accessing the scaffold. The successful contractor will be required to demonstrate this item on contract commencement. The price will also be inclusive of mechanical lifting equipment. All scaffolding will be dismantled and removed from site at the end of these works. 28. BUILDING CONTROL Where building control approval has been obtained for the works. It is the contractors responsibility to notify the Local Authority of commencement and completion of the works and to arrange any inspections. All works are to comply with the current Building Regulations and to the satisfaction of the Local Authority Inspector. 29. PRE QUOTATION HEALTH & SAFETY PLAN Internal Repairs and Minor Structural Works 29.1. NATURE OF THE PROJECT The works comprise of: Various minor structural repairs and underpinning. CDM Co-ordinator: Simon Nicholls Tel: 0116 252 6135 Technical Services Leicester City Council Housing Services 57 Blackbird Road Leicester. LE4 0AR The following information relating to the above works is provided to the Contractor as required under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. 29.2. THE EXISTING ENVIRONMENT The Contractor will need to make adequate provision to get materials to site, store them in a safe manner and clear rubbish away. Services are provided to the property, these are sited underground the contractor is to determine the location of any services prior to commencement of the works. The contractor should assume that there are no toilet or washing facilities on site and should arrange for some provision for their operatives. 29.3 DESIGN The following significant hazards have been identified which cannot be designed out and are bought to the attention of the Contractor. An indication of the precautions required is also given. HAZARDS WHICH CANNOT BE AVOIDEDRISKSMINIMUM PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKENa) Structural InstabilityDanger of collapseInforms Supervising Officer, cease work until building element is stabilised and erect warning signs and barriers. Provision of propping, strutting and shoring. b) DustInhalation Irritation to eyesProvide suitable respiratory protection, for operatives. Provide eye protection. Keep general public away from affected area. Clean up as works progress using methods that do not raise dust. Where scaffold covers on entrance to the dwelling, lay a continuous sheet across the boards to prevent dust from falling through. Falling Objects from Scaffold Falls from scaffold or laddersHead injuries Body injuriesEnsure scaffold components are all complete including toe boards and safety netting to front and rear of scaffold platform. Materials are not to be stored above the height of the toe board and any loading of scaffold to be evenly distributed. Wear suitable personal protective equipment (hard hats). Restrict access to area below scaffold where work is in progress. Ensure ladders are sound, suitable for height to be reached and have regular inspections for fault or damage and tied securely.  HAZARDS WHICH CANNOT BE AVOIDEDRISKSMINIMUM PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKENd) ChemicalsInhalation, skin and eye irritationCOSHH assessment required before use of substance commences. Wear suitable personal protective equipment. Observe control measures as identified in COSHH assessment. e) NoiseDamage to hearingProvide ear defenders for operatives using electric, petrol or pneumatic equipment. Ensure that equipment is well maintained and efficient. f) Manual Handling of Heavy MaterialsStrains, sprains and foot injuriesUse of mechanical lifting and handling equipment. Training in manual handling techniques and compliance with Manual Handling Operations Regulations. Use of personal protective equipment i.e. safety shoes. g) Asbestos: Some Leicester City Council properties do contain various forms of asbestos, therefore all operatives must have a valid asbestos awareness certificate before work commences. Inhalation of fibresStrict observance of regulations regarding removal and disposal of asbestos. Working in vacant properties: Damaged /vandalised services. Discarded /concealed hypodermic Syringes. Human/animal waste products. Fleas. Damaged/vandalised building Components. Discarded furniture and rubbish. Contact with live electrical installation Gas leakage Sharps injury Biological agents Flea bites Trips, slips and falls Contact with sharp edgesVisual check of services before starting work. Isolate services at point of entry. Careful visual/physical check of working area before work. Arrange with planning supervisor for de-infestation if required. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.  HAZARDS WHICH CANNOT BE AVOIDEDRISKSMINIMUM PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKENWorking in tenanted property: Lifting/moving tenants furnishings. Physical & verbal abuse from tenant. Access to property. Unsafe working practises. Tenants property. Tenants, children and dogs.Manual handling injuries strains & sprains Physical/emotive injuries Injuries to tenants, children, visitors, animals. Trips, slips and falls.Operatives to have been trained in manual handling techniques. Arrange with tenant to clear working area. Abuse stop work and report to Planning Supervisor. Wear ID badges. Agree safe system of work with tenant. Keep tools and materials out of reach of children/animals. Working in roof voids: Man-made mineral fibre insulation Low head room Fragile floor No or poor lighting Storage of tenants property Access through loft hatches Confined spaceInhalation of fibres Head injuries Falls through ceiling into room below Slips, trips and falls Falls whilst gaining access Confined spaces. See K belowSuitable respiratory protection to be worn in accordance with COSHH assessment. Head protection to be worn. Temporary boarding of working area. Provide adequate lighting. Suitable/stable access equipment to be used. Ensure adequate ventilation.k) Working in confined spacesOxygen deficiency Toxic/flammable atmospherePermit to work system Compliance with Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. Ref. To HSE Guidance Note GS 5 Test atmosphere before entering Intrinsically safe lighting and tools to be used.  Using Petrol Stone Cutting MachineryManual handling injuries cuts and bruises to hands, risk of eye injury. Excessive noiseUse protective gloves of high cut abrasion and puncture resistance goggles to be worn, ear protection to be worn if noise above 85db.  HAZARDS WHICH CANNOT BE AVOIDED Add to this list if you requireRISKSMINIMUM PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKENm) Electrical Power Supply 240/415vElectric shock, explosion and fire.Only competent electricians to be used. Compliance with IEE Regulations. Compliance with Electricity at Work Regulations. Isolation of circuits before working Permit to work on live circuits.n) Working on natural gas installationsFire/ExplosionAll persons to be Gas Safe registered gas installers. Compliance with Gas Safety, Installation & Use Regulations Compliance with GSI&U ACOP No smoking except in designated areas Fire appliances to be readily available. o) Excavations Possibility of collapse of excavations Working on built up ground risk of collapse Groundwater control Other trades working on site Falling into excavationShoring of sides Sump-pump Protection from falling into excavations, barriers, signs. Protection of the public Danger to Members of the Public Using Pedestrian Routes Trips, slips and falls over equipment and materials. Falls into excavations and openings.Install barriers and signage as necessary. Keep pedestrian rotes free of obstructions whenever possible. Ensure openings in pedestrian routes are covered when left unattended.  29.4. CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS The contractor shall provide in the Health and Safety Plan all relevant product information about the materials, which will be used during the works in accordance with COSHH Regulations. Chemicals used on site during the work are to be approved by the Client before use. The specification for replacement parts is given in Part D of the main specification. Cement, plaster, sand and waste materials all present a dust hazard. This is to be controlled to a level (where reasonably practicable) below the occupational exposure limit given in the current edition of EH40. Where this is not practicable personal protective equipment is to be provided. The Contractor is to ensure that occupants are not exposed to high dust levels. 29.5. OUTLINE OF EMERGENCY ARRANGEMENTS The contractor shall keep a register of all operatives on the sites and when the sites have been visited. The contractor is also to include a 24hr contact telephone number for emergency use during the contract in the Health and Safety Plan. EMERGENCY SERVICES AMBULANCE, FIRE BRIGADE OR POLICE can be obtained in emergency by dialling 999. HOSPITAL: Leicester Royal Infirmary Infirmary Close Leicester TEL: 0116 254 1414 POLICE STATION: Leicestershire Constabulary TEL: 0116 222 2222 FIRE STATION: Leicestershire Fire Service Anstey Frith Leicester TEL: 0116 287 2241 GAS: Transco TEL: 0800 111999 ELECTRICITY: Powergen PO Box 667 Nottingham NG8 16DP TEL: 0800 05650 SEVERN TRENT: Severn Trent Water Ltd Gorse Hill Anstey Leicester TEL: 0116 234 0400 29.6. SITE WIDE ELEMENTS Access for the Emergency Services is to be maintained at all times. Access and egress to neighbouring properties is to be maintained at all times. The Principal Contractor is to ensure that the site is secure at all times and that signs are to be used in all public areas. Storage of materials on site is to be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and in compliance with the appropriate COSHH assessment. When carrying out the work in public areas the Contractor shall display regular WORK IN PROGRESS signs and erect substantial safety barriers to avoid persons entering these work areas. Temporary signs are to be erected to warn/inform of any requirements to wear personal protective equipment i.e. hardhat area. OVERLAP WITH THE CLIENTS UNDERTAKING Where work is to be undertaken in Council occupied premises the Contractor is to agree a safe system of work with the premises Manager before commencing work. 29.8. SITE RULES a) Smoking is not permitted in any Leicester City Council building including tenants homes. All mechanical/electrical plant used by the Contractor/Sub-Contractors must be: Cordless or operate from an 110V centre taped to earth (CTE) supply system so that the maximum voltage to earth does not exceed 55V. Tested and well maintained with appropriate paperwork and test certificates available for inspection if required. The Principal Contractor is to ensure that owner/occupiers of adjacent properties are made aware of the works which may affect them e.g. structure, nuisance, offloading of materials, skips to remove rubbish etc. The Principle Contractor is responsible for ensuring that a record of visitors to the site is maintained. The contractor shall allow for measures necessary to ensure compliance with enactments, regulations and rules relating to Health, Safety and Welfare in the Health and Safety Plan. The name and position of the Company Safety Representative is to be included in the Construction Safety Plan. A copy of the Contractors Policy Statement as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act, together with any safety rules or codes used must be included in the Safety Plan. 29.9 THE CONTRACTORS SHALL COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING: a) Noise i) Do not use or permit employees to use radios, personal stereos or other audio equipment. All compressors, percussion tools and vehicles are to be fitted with silencers of a type recommended by the manufacturer's recommendations. The Contractor is to comply with Section 19 Noise Control. Pollution Take all reasonable precautions to prevent pollution of the site, the works and the general environment. Nuisance Take all necessary precautions to prevent nuisance from smoke, dust, rubbish and other causes. Fire Take all necessary precautions to prevent personal injury, death and damage to the works or other property from fire. Rubbish The site is to be kept clean at all times, rubbish and debris is to be removed daily before leaving the site. All access roads and pedestrian walkways are to be swept daily. Protective Clothing and Equipment The contractor shall wear protective clothing and equipment in accordance with any existing site rules and as required by the risk assessment contained within the Health & Safety Plan. Identification The Contractor shall wear personal identification badges, which will be on view at all times. 29.10. PROCEDURES FOR DEALING WITH UNFORESEEN ALTERATIONS TO DESIGN Through site meetings or contact; - Simon Nicholls Manager 0116 252 6135 James Rhodes Senior Technician 0116 252 6216 Matthew Underwood Technician 0116 252 8227 29.11. PROCEDURE FOR MONITORING HEALTH & SAFETY Arrange meetings at regular intervals as the contract proceeds. Pre-Contract Meeting Site meeting weekly Information meeting as and when required. Wherever unforeseen eventualities occur during project execution, the Contractor shall submit a brief report of the event and the necessary procedure for overcoming the problem. A safety file will be maintained from the beginning of the Contract and the Contractor will co-operate with the client in the addition of required details to this file. ACTS AND REGULATIONS THAT APPLY TO CONSTRUCTION WORK Where any additional Regulations apply it shall be the Contractors responsibility to bring them to the Supervising Officer for consideration at the pre-contract meeting, otherwise it shall be deemed that the Contractor has undertaken all necessary Health & Safety considerations 30. TRADE PREAMBLES a) All electrical installations shall comply with the current I.E.E. regulations. All relevant test and completion certificates are to be passed to the Supervising Officer on completion of works. All materials and workmanship shall be to the entire satisfaction of the Supervising Officer/Clerks of Works, who shall have the authority to reject anything considered unsuitable or not in accordance with this specification at the expense of the contractor. All materials used shall be free from defects and shall comply with the appropriate British Standard or equivalent. 31.0 SCHEDULE OF WORK FOR PAN 0226 MNU 03/13 78HEA 31.1 GENERAL Works are to be priced & undertaken based on the contents of the Schedule of Works & accompanying drawing/photographs where provided. If required further information can be obtained by contacting Matt Underwood 0116 252 8227 No site visits are to be undertaken by the Contractor unless a pre-arranged block viewing has been agreed as outlined within this document. Under no circumstance is the Contractor to cold call at the property. All preliminaries must be included within each priced item. A separate sum entered at the end of the schedule will exclude this tender. All works specified must be completed within 6 weeks of receiving the Purchase Order, subject to situations which are deemed beyond your control e.g. adverse weather conditions, access restrictions etc. Failure to comply may result in penalty charges applied as listed above in Order Terms & Conditions. All operatives who work on this property must have current (within the last 12 months) asbestos awareness training and must provide certification. Please include certificates in your submission or if you have submitted recently these a covering letter stating whom they were sent to & date. Where not specifically detailed, the methods of fixing, jointing or form of construction are at the Contractor's discretion and must be entirely suitable and of good practice for the work in hand following industry standards and manufacturers instructions/guidelines. All suitable measures must be taken to protect the tenants fixtures and fittings (e.g. wall & floor coverings). Disturbance to decoration is to be kept to a minimum. The successful Contractor is to check all dimensions prior to ordering materials and works commencing and any discrepancies reported to the supervising officer The successful Contractor will be required to produce an accurate Programme of Works prior to commencement of works on site. 31.2 QUALITY CONTROL The Contractor shall allow when pricing the documents, for a responsible person who will be directly responsible for works programming, Quality Control, EMAS (Eco Management Auditing Scheme) Obligations, Supervising/monitoring the works on site, inspect and rectify any defects after completion of the works and all relative contract correspondence. A weekly / monthly meeting will be held between the Supervising Officer and the contractor to discuss any issues/concerns with the contract and any other relevant business. 31.3 PRICING THE QUOTATION The quotation is based on the Schedule of Works. Contractors must price each item. The item must be fully inclusive of all overheads, profit and mileage factors. The total quotation figure may be higher or lower than the amount of work issued during the contract period. 31.4 PROCEDURES FOR PAYMENT CLAIM A Purchase Order will be issued. Invoicing will be submitted upon completion of works. All variations to the original Specification must be approved in writing and agreed by the supervising officer. 31.5 COMMUNICATIONS/OFFICES The contractor must ensure that a representative is available at all times within the working hours of 8.00am to 16.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am to 16.00pm Fridays. In addition to the above the contractor is to provide an out of hours emergency contact name and number. 31.6 SCHEDULE OF WORK ItemDescription of WorksPrice  31.1.01 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 Description of Works Description of Works The contractor is to include in his price for all work shown on any attached drawings and associated works identified in this schedule. All dimensions given or assumed herein or on the accompanying drawings are to be checked on site by the Contractor and any discrepancies should be reported to the Supervising Officer. All dimensions will be the sole responsibility of the Contractor. The contractor will be responsible for the site & site security once work commences. You will be expected to ensure that the buildings are locked & secure at the end of each working day. The contractor is to ascertain the position of any existing services on site prior to works commencing and allow for all necessary protection works required. The Contractor shall exercise particular care to avoid damage to or any unauthorised interference with the working of buried, hidden and visible mains and services (e.g. gas, water, electricity, telephones, fibre optic cables etc.) and associated brackets, posts, fittings, lagging etc. The contractor shall comply with all current legislation relating to the Construction and Building Industry, Public and Local Authority Regulations, the Health and Safety at Work Act and Policy and Regulation. All waste generated to be removed from inside the building on a daily basis in an environmentally friendly way with due regard to all required legislation and regulations. Any skips left on site are to be secured with Heras type fencing when not in use. Any materials/equipment left on site is the responsibility of the contractor. Leicester City Council cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused. Remove rubbish, debris, surplus material and spoil regularly and keep the site and Works clean and tidy.  Remove all rubbish, dirt and residues from voids and cavities in the construction before closing in.  Ensure that nonhazardous material is disposed of at a tip approved by a Waste Regulation Authority.  Remove all surplus hazardous materials and their containers regularly for disposal off site in a safe and competent manner, as approved by a Waste Regulation Authority and in accordance with relevant regulations.  Retain waste transfer documentation on site. Hours of work should be between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Working outside these hours can only take place with prior arrangement with the Supervising Officer. Any extras or variations to specification to be confirmed with the Supervising Officer before proceeding. Method Statements / Risk Assessments to be provided prior to commencement of works. ALL WORKS SPECIFIED BELOW MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN SIX WEEKS OF THE DATE OF ORDER ISSUED; FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN PENALTY CHARGES. IF SUCCESSFUL A PROGRAMME OF WORKS WILL BE REQUIRED PRIOR TO WORKS BEING ISSUED, THIS TO BE ADHERED TO AT ALL TIMES. On no account is any contractor to cold call at any property. Works to be priced from Information provided. SCHEDULE OF WORKS AT 78 Heather Road Leicester LE2 6DE GENERAL INFORMATION: Solid Brick built semi-detached house built circa 1927 CDM SITE HEALTH & SAFETY: Estimated working days for completion not requiring F10 Notification SCHEDULE OF WORKS (SOW) General Notes There are no drawings to accompany this SoW. Photos and location map on separate supporting evidence document. DESCRIPTION OF WORKS The works are required to investigate the source of water penetration to bedroom wall / chimney breast. Hack off plaster to effected area of wall and chimney breast for inspection by supervising officer to ascertain source of water penetration Overboard Walls Overboard existing external walls with 32.5mm thick Kingspan Kooltherm K18 (or similar) Insulated Dry Lining Board and apply a plaster skim finish. All surfaces should be clean and free of faking materials. Wallpaper should be stripped and surface mounted fittings removed. Fixing Fix 32.5mm Kingspan Kooltherm K18 (or similar) Insulated Dry Lining to timber framing / battens set at maximum 600 mm centres and positioned horizontally at floor and ceiling level. The timbers should run vertically and be wide enough to offer a minimum 20 mm support to all four edges of the board. Battens to be minimum 25 x 47mm treated softwood mechanically fixed to the walls backed with DPC. Drywall screws or, alternatively, galvanised clout nails, long enough to allow a minimum 25 mm penetration of the timber, should be placed at 150 mm centres and not less than 10 mm from the edges of the board. They should be driven straight with the heads embedded just below the surface of the board. Care should be taken not to overdrive nails / screws. Timbers should be treated where appropriate. Plaster skim finish on completion. Window wall approx - 3350mm x 2577 mm high (includes rake) Window approx. - 1150mm wide x 1570mm high 2nd wall approx. - 2930mm x 2577mm high + dogleg at chimney breast Dogleg - 370mm Insulated plasterboard to Ceiling Rakes Overboard existing surface with 32.5mm thick Kingspan Kooltherm K18 (or similar) Insulated Dry Lining Board and apply a plaster skim finish. All surfaces should be clean and free of loose or flaking materials. Wallpaper should be stripped and surface mounted fittings removed. Narrow widths of board should be cut and chamfered to fit the raked section of ceiling to achieve angled joints at ceiling and wall junction. Fixing Boards must always be placed with the long edge running across the joists, rafters or battens and all edges must be supported. Timbers must offer a minimum 20 mm support to all four edges of the board. Where the existing structure has been exposed this may necessitate the use of noggings placed between the joists to coincide with the long edges of the board. Drywall screws or, alternatively, largeheaded galvanized / sheradised clout nails should be used to fix the board. These must be long enough to allow a minimum 25 mm penetration of the supporting timber, and be placed not less than 10 mm from the edges of the board and be spaced at 150 mm intervals along all supporting timbers. Rake 4700mm x 400mm approx Insulated plasterboard to Window Reveals Overboard existing surface with 22.5mm thick Kingspan Kooltherm K17 (or similar) Insulated Dry Lining Board and apply a plaster skim finish. All surfaces should be clean and free of loose or flaking materials. Wallpaper should be stripped and surface mounted fittings removed. Narrow widths of board should be cut and rebated to allow a plasterboard / plasterboard joint at the angle. Fixing should employ the same method as is used for the plain wall areas. Where adhesives are employed, boards at window heads should be temporarily supported. Window 1150mm wide x 1570mm high Decorating Seal all new plaster areas and apply two coats of emulsion, colour to be decided Window Board Supply & fit white 9mm thick PVCu Bull Nose window board over existing window cill following application of insulated plasterboard. Fixed with appropriate grab adhesive. Including preparation of existing surfaces, cill end caps & finishing with white silicone sealant at PVCu abutments & decorators caulk at wall abutments. Window opening 1150mm wide Window Trim Supply & fit new 50mm wide PVCu D section trim around window/door opening following completion of new plastering works. Fixed with appropriate grab adhesive and finishing with decorators caulk. Window 1150mm wide x 1570mm high Curtain Rail Batten Supply & fit new pre-primed softwood timber batten 22 x 75mm above window opening following application of insulated. The items to be priced below may be omitted at the discretion of the supervising officer depending on outcome of above investigatory works. Scaffold To access fully chimney at hip end and 1st floor brickwork at hip end rear half. To be erected in accordance with TG20:08 Guidelines with boarded mid lift platform and fixed internal ladder to top working level. The contractor must arrange for scaffolds to be inspected by a competent person before commencing work each day and submit inspection sheets to the Supervising Officer on a weekly basis. Brickwork Areas to be treated Hip end chimney approx 3.5m2 First floor Hip end Brickwork external to bedroom approx. 7m2 Apply Stormdry Masonry Waterproofing cream or similar approved (must be breathable system to allow moisture egress from brickwork) To be applied following manufactures instructions including the repair of any cracked areas of masonry. Any masonry that requires re-pointing is to be raked out to a depth of at least 18-25mm, depending upon the width of the joints, flushed out with clean water, and the new mortar pressed well in. The joints should be finished to match the original or existing joints unless otherwise agreed. The waterproofing cream should be applied to dry masonary and not be applied where rain is forecast in the following 24hrs and in any case to manufacturers recommendations. Site to be cleared on completion of all works to the satisfaction of the supervising officer. Contingency, this will be omitted by the supervising officer if not required. Sub Total 31.1.01 including contingency . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 750.00 ndow for 1n to existing and down over crack) 32. General Summary for works at: 78 Heather Road Cost of works from schedule 31.1.01 .. Total cost of works from Schedule of Works (31.6) Please ensure Health & Safety Requirements & EMAS Requirements are included in your total price. Please ensure you return the pricing schedule pages completed, this page & any additional information that is required. Quotations to be returned on or before 15:00hrs 12th April 2013 Please ensure the following documents have been submitted with you return Document Enclosed (Tick)Priced Schedule of WorksPriced Schedule of RatesN/AAsbestos Training CertificatesProgramme of WorksN/ASigned Form of Quotations Minor Structural Works & Plastering at 78 Heather Road Having read carefully the Invitation to Quote, I/we offer to perform and to complete the works for the sum of .. (exclusive of VAT) in accordance with the pricing schedules, We agree that this quotation shall remain open to be accepted or not by the Council for a minimum period of six months from the closing date for the receipt of quotations Each property will be subject to a separate order. We agree to enter into a formal Deed under seal for the carrying out of the services and works in the form that is provided in the quotation documentation. Unless and until such a Deed is prepared and executed, this quotation together with your written acceptance thereof, shall constitute a binding contract between us I/We understand that the Council is not bound to accept any quotation it receives. I/We on acceptance of this quotation to carry out the works, upon issue of an order detailed in the Contract Documents, at the prices and terms quoted, and in accordance with the Conditions of Contract. In submitting a quotation against this project, I/We* have not done and I/We* undertake that I/We* will not do at any time before the notification of tender results any of the following acts:- a) communicate to any person other than the person calling for the tenders the amount or approximate amount of the proposed tender, except where the disclosure, in confidence, of the approximate amount of the tender is necessary to obtain insurance premium quotations required for the preparation of the tender; b) enter into any agreement or arrangement with any person that he shall refrain from tendering or as to the amount of any tender to be submitted; c) offer to pay or give or agree to pay any sum of money or valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or having done or causing or having caused to be done in relation to this or any other tender or proposed tender for the said work any act or thing of the sort described above. In the context of this clause the word person includes any persons and anybody or association, corporate or unincorporated; and any agreement or arrangement includes any such transaction, formal or informal, and whether legally binding or not. We do declare that we have no objection to the publication of the amount of our quotation, in total only, the details of which will remain confidential. We acknowledge that we submit this quotation on the basis of the terms set out in the letter from the City Council dated: .................. day of ......................... 2013 enclosing the quotation documents. Signed by the said ................................... (Signature) ................................... (Date) in the presence of ................................... (Signature of witness) Address: ....................................................................... ....................................................................... ....................................................................... ....................................................................... COLLUSIVE QUOTATION DECLARATION TO LEICESTER CITY COUNCIL: I/We*, the undersigned do hereby contract and agree on acceptance of this quotation in whole or in part, to carry out the services detailed in the Contract Documents, at the prices and terms quoted, and in accordance with the Conditions of Contract. In submitting a quotation against this contract, I/We* certify that I/We* have not done and I/We* undertake that I/We* will not do at any time before the notification of quotation results any of the following acts:- a) Communicate to any person other than the person calling for the quotation the amount or approximate amount of the proposed quotation, except where the disclosure, in confidence, of the approximate amount of the quotation is necessary to obtain insurance premium quotations required for the preparation of the quotation; b) Enter into any agreement or arrangement with any person that he shall refrain from quotation or as to the amount of any quotation to be submitted; c) Offer to pay or give or agree to pay any sum of money or valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or having done or causing or having caused to be done in relation to this or any other quotation or proposed quotation for the said work any act or thing of the sort described above. In the context of this clause the word 'person' includes any persons and any body or association, corporate or unincorporated; and 'any agreement or arrangement' includes any such transaction, formal or informal, and whether legally binding or not. *Delete as applicable Signed: .. Name: .. (Please print) Position: .. Name of Bidder .. Address: .. .. .. Telephone number: .. Fax number: .. DECLARATION AND CANVASSING CERTIFICATE TO LEICESTER CITY COUNCIL: I/We* hereby certify that I/We* have not canvassed or solicited any member, officer or employee of the Council in connection with the award of this Quotation or any other Quotation or proposed Quotation for the Services and that no person employed by me/us* or acting on my/our* behalf has done any such act. I/We* further hereby undertake that I/We* will not in future canvass or solicit any member, officer or employee of the Council in connection with the award of this Quotation or any other Quotation or proposed Quotation for the Services and that no person employed by me/us* or acting on my/our* behalf will do any such act. *Delete as applicable Signed: .. Name .. (Please print) Date: .. Position: .. Name of Bidder: .. Address: .. .. .. Telephone number: .. Fax number: ..     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