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There will be a series of exhibition halls and galleries with direct access to the GCRs track allowing engines and rolling stock to move in and out of the museum. Visitors will be able to get close to significant exhibits and experience them in the context of an operating heritage railway. A car park and other amenity buildings and features will be provided on this site. The attached drawing No. N106146P/L(4)/921 shows the following items which occupy the existing land space: carriage/wagon exhibition hall - approx 50m x 28m. loco exhibition hall approx - 75m x 26m. admin/offices approx 500m2. maintenance shed, in the longer term. outside viewing aprons and new access track. car parking area station building Footpath diversion Development of the former allotment site known as Redhill green space and part of Birstall golf course land as shown on Drawing No: 614/KJC/GS/08 - Lot 1. Leicester City Council wishes to commission an ecology survey to determine any ecological constraints on the site and any mitigation and/or compensation that might be necessary to ensure compliance with wildlife legislation and national/local planning policy. The site survey Area 1 is clearly marked on the attached drawing No: 614/KJC/GS/08 - Lot 1. A full Phase 1 survey of the site following the standard methodology recommended by JNCC is required to determine the likelihood of UK, European and BAP species using the site and the presence and location of any BAP/LWS habitats or other designations present on or adjacent to the site that may be sensitive to disturbance. The Assessment must identify and describe potential impacts likely to harm the protected species and/or their habitats identified by the survey (these should include both direct and indirect effects, as well as short, medium and long-term impacts from users). Where harm is likely, evidence must be submitted to show: How alternatives designs or locations have been considered; How adverse effects could be avoided wherever possible; How unavoidable impacts could be mitigated or reduced; How impacts that cannot be avoided or mitigated could be compensated; How species numbers are likely to change, if at all, after development e.g. whether there will be a net loss or gain; How features or habitats used by protected species can be enhanced, restored or added to. In addition, the survey report and assessment must either contain information from this checklist, or an explanation of why this has not been possible or is not necessary: Consultation with Leicester City Council Nature Conservation Officer, Leicestershire & Rutland Environmental Records Centre and local conservation organisations regarding the use of the site by protected species and the results of the search; A description of the survey methods used; Dates and times of survey and personnel involved; A location plan of site and surroundings, showing buildings, roads, structures and main habitat features; A 'phase 1' habitat survey of the site, with target notes for significant features and the sensitivity of each target area in terms of high, medium or low impact from the proposed development; A broad description of the surrounding land-use context, especially with reference to the presence of wildlife corridors, habitat links and foraging routes, and the sites position within the local/regional biodiversity network; Results of any findings confirming the presence of protected species, including estimated numbers if possible and where exactly they are found, and an assessment of the status of any of the field signs (for example badger setts main, outlier, annexe, etc.) Note the presence of field signs of activity, for example, badger paths, hairs, pawprints, snuffle-holes and other feeding signs, scratching posts, latrines etc.; and show locations of setts and other significant features on plan (1:2500 plan is recommended) An assessment of the likelihood that the site is used by protected species, whether for foraging, feeding, passing through or sheltering, including a description and exact location of any evidence of use; If protected species are not resident on the site, but are passing through or foraging, the location of the sett/roost etc. should be identified on adjacent land; The need for further surveys to gain an adequate assessment of use by the site by UK, European and BAP species and when it will be necessary to carry these out; Any gaps/shortcomings in surveys; In addition, recommendations for appropriate habitat creation on/off site should be made that will mitigate and/or compensate for the loss of green space on the site through any proposed development. The recommendations should include: The total area of green space to be lost to the proposed development and the ratio of compensated green space to be retained on site and enhanced; Any areas identified off-site where appropriate natural green space can be created and/or enhanced to compensate and/or mitigate for the loss of green space within the proposed development site; The type of habitats to be created, methods used for creation and the types of species of wildlife (both flora and fauna) that may benefit from such creation and/or enhancement; An indication of time-scales for the creation and/or enhancements in terms of pre-commencement of development, during and post-construction; Recommendations for maintenance and management of areas of habitat newly created or enhanced as a result of the development. TASK 2 Costs should also be provided for these two additional areas of ecological survey of the proposed development which will act as likely areas for compensation for the loss of green space within the proposed development site and/or loss of allotments and loss of golf course. The same methodology is required as per Area 1 shown on plan Lot 1 described previously. The site survey areas are shown on Drawing No: 614/KJC/GS/09 - Lot 2 and marked as Area 2 and Area 3. Information on the optimum time to conduct surveys and any additional work required should also be provided with the quotation. _________________________________________________________________ TENDER EVALUATION The successful supplier will be able to demonstrate; Their experience in dealing with similar projects of a type and scale; The appropriate skill levels and licences held to complete survey work to a comprehensive and acceptable standard in line with the criteria set; The appropriate experience of practical implementation of mitigation/compensation works relating to habitat creation/enhancement schemes Experience of licence applications and their implementation; That all surveys required can be completed at the optimum time and within the given time frame. Tenders will be assessed in accordance with the Pricing Schedule and Method Statements below to find the most economically advantageous tender in accordance with the following award criteria. Price 60% Quality 40% FINANCIAL EVALUATION As the pre-determined price / quality split are 60/40 the lowest tender is allocated the maximum 60 points with the other tenders using the following pro-rata methodology; 60 x (Pm / P) Where: Pm = the lowest quoted offer. P = the specific supplier offer under consideration The qualitative assessment will form 60 % of the award. QUALITATIVE EVALUATION The qualitative evaluation of submissions will assess (in descending order of importance) Method Statements explanation of approach to meeting brief requirements Details of relevant experience and references The evaluation model will measure 3 components. These will be appropriately weighted as illustrated in the table below: SectionNumber of ComponentsMaximum Score per ComponentMaximum Points AvailableMethod Statements -explanation of approach to meeting brief requirements5525Details of Relevant Experience and References2510 The maximum points attributable to any one submission in the quality evaluation model are 35 points. The qualitative assessment will form 40 % of the award. Pricing Schedule This commission must be costed as two discrete Tasks 1 and 2 in chronological order in the table below. The proposal is to provide a fee structure excluding VAT but including expenses showing personnel, hours and costs for each task required to carry out this commission & the proposed methodology in detail. Fees per task shall be fully inclusive of all expenses and disbursements. Details of hourly rate chargeable for staff engaged on this project should also be provided separately. These will be used to determine for any additional surveys identified as required as a result of the outcome of the completion of Task 1 Phase 1 survey in Area 1 Lot 1 such as bat, great crested newt or badger surveys. Tasks (excl.VAT)Task 1 FeeTask 2 FeeEtc (add further tasks or any additional work as seen fit)Fixed Fee for the contract00000Details of daily rate chargeable for each team members,  per Hour  Note: The consultant must also provide hourly cost of each personnel that they will engage on this project, i.e Resources Breakdown; these costs shall be used to determine for any additional works that the project may require. Method Statement and Response to Brief Requirements The purpose of the Method Statements is to enable us to evaluate your understanding of our requirements and the quality of your methodology for meeting them. It will not itself form part of the Contract (but any elements within it which are agreed by the Parties to be essential to the delivery of Services will be incorporated within the Specification and form part of any Contract resulting from your tender). Your Method Statements should describe clearly and concisely how you would approach each of the main listed aims of the commission requirements Please set out your response under the following headings and order (Maximum Words: 1000). Method Statement MarksQ1Please list the licenses held by staff for any survey and/or mitigation works required; 5AQ2Please describe your experience in the implementation of mitigation and/or compensation schemes including habitat creation schemes giving examples to illustrate your answer. 5AQ3Please describe how you write and submit licence applications as required by Defra and Natural England for any required mitigation works 5AQ4Please describe how you will ensure any further surveys recommended and/or monitoring can be completed at the optimum time of year and within the required time frame. 5AQ5Please propose a project plan to deliver both task 1 and task 2, including timescales, deliverables and constraints. 5ATotal25 Relevant Experience Please describe and provide details and examples of relevant experience in delivering Ecological Survey and Mitigation work. CVs for your project team should also be included. REFERENCE CONTACTSPlease provide brief details of 2 (two) significant private or public sector contracts which your organisation has performed within the past 2 (two) years. Only completed references will be scored. Contract 1Contract 2Client/customer organisation (name) Website (if available)Customer contact name, phone number and email  Date contract awardedDate contract completedBrief description of contract (maximum 100 words)  Contract valueIf you cannot provide information on at least one reference contract, please briefly explain why (maximum 100 words)Note: The bidder should be prepared to speak to the Council, if required, in order to confirm the accuracy of the information provided here Scoring System 1Failed to address the question/issue 2Less than acceptable response/solution. Lacks convincing evidence of skill/experience sought; lack of real understanding of requirement or evidence of ability to deliver. 3Meets criteria. Acceptable response/solution to the specification requirement; evidence shown of skill/experience sought. 4Above acceptable response/solution. Demonstrates real understanding of requirement and evidence of ability to meet it. 5Excellent response/solution. Gives real confidence, based on requirement, that the provider will add real value by providing a quality service  Council Contact Kanji Chudasama, Contracts Engineer, Transport Strategy Team Leicester City Council, New Walk Centre, Welford Place, Leicester, LE1 6ZG Telephone no: 0116 2528946 Email:  HYPERLINK "mailto:kanji.chudasama@leicester.gov.uk" kanji.chudasama@leicester.gov.uk      PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 9   '+,89:ZefgtԾԾԁm\J8(h>:h'5>*OJQJ^J#h'h'5CJOJQJ^JaJ#hz 4h 5CJOJQJ^JaJ hz 45OJQJ^JmHnHu&hz 4hz 45OJQJ^JmHnHu h>:5OJQJ^JmHnHu+h95>*CJOJQJ^JaJmHnHu+hI5>*CJOJQJ^JaJmHnHu+h!!5>*CJOJQJ^JaJmHnHu1h>:h>:5>*CJOJQJ^JaJmHnHu#jhz 4hI5UmHnHu9:fguv}~  : ; q $ & F Sa$gd>:$ SS^S`a$gd>: ) N a%s8!#gdU & F gdD$a$gdD$a$gd tuv}~z 8 : HI{ɺyjZjL?2h+yhhz 4OJQJ^Jh+yhhOJQJ^Jh+yhh'5OJQJ^Jh+yhh>:H*OJPJQJ^Jh+yhh>:OJPJQJ^Jh+yhh>:OJQJ^JaJ%h$LhUB*OJQJ^JaJph%h9h9B*OJQJ^JaJphh$LOJQJ^JaJh+yhhUOJQJ^JaJhU5CJOJQJ^JaJhDhD5OJQJ^JhD5>*OJQJ^Jh'5>*OJQJ^J !3HIDE By6>?3] $ & Fa$gd $a$gd $ & F 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