ࡱ> { f2bjbjzz ;**l l $DV<411 1><@<@<@<@<@<@<$=@d<3,133d<y<c6c6c63.><c63><c6c6V;@T; cK3V; *<<0<b;0A4A;A;102"c6%2A2111d<d<5111<3333A111111111l :  Leicester City Council  Circus Sites Victoria Park, Leicester    23 January 2013. Re:SBAF02 No Animal Acts Tender return: 17.00 hours 4th February 2013 to  HYPERLINK "mailto:procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk" procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk TENDER FOR THE PROVISION OF CIRCUS (ES) Victoria Park, Leicester TO: Leicester City Council I/We [INSERT NAME OF BIDDNG ORGANISATION ], Company registration number [.] whose registered address is [], having examined the Tendering and Specification documents made available to us hereby offer to provide all the Services described in the documents including appendices and confirm our submission of a compliant proposal. I/We hereby offer to supply the Service subject to the Councils standard terms and conditions part referred to in the documents for the sum of enter amount in words ... . This total figure relates to [] shows or performances I/We undertake in consideration of having been supplied with the particulars and permitted to tender, that these proposals shall not be withdrawn or modified for a period of up to 90 days from the date of its delivery but shall remain binding upon me/us during that period. I/We understand you are not bound to accept the lowest or any proposals you may receive and you will not pay any expenses incurred by us in connection with the preparation and submission of this tender. Unless and until a formal order is prepared and issued this proposal together with your written acceptance thereof shall constitute a binding Contract between us. Anti Collusive Tendering Certificate I/We declare that: 1. This is a bona fide tender, intended to be competitive, and that I/we have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the tender by or in accordance with any agreement or arrangement with any other person. 2. I/We have not done and I/we undertake that I/we will not do at any time before the hour and date specified for the return of this tender any of the following acts: a communicating to a person other than the person calling for those tenders the amount or approximate amount of the proposed tender except where disclosure, in confidence, of the approximate amount of the tender was necessary to obtain premium quotations required for the preparation of the tender. b entering into any agreement or arrangement with any other persons that they shall refrain from tendering or as to the amount of any tender to be submitted. c offering or paying or giving or agreeing to pay or give any sum of money or valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or having done or causing or having caused to be done in relation to any other tender or proposed tender for the said work any act or thing of the sort described above. We acknowledge that if we, or anyone who acts on our behalf behaves improperly or commits an offence under the Prevention of Corruption Acts 1889-1916, the Council may cancel the contract and recover all costs and losses. In this certificate, the word person includes any persons or any body or associated, corporate or unincorporated, and any agreement or arrangement includes any such transaction, formal or informal, and whether legally binding or not. Dated this day of ..2013. Signature .. For and on behalf of (Name of firm or Company). Status of signatory (e.g. Partner or Director) LEICESTER CITY COUNCIL TENDER APPLICATION FORM For : The privilege of holding an animal-free circus At : Victoria Park, London Road, Leicester On : A maximum of 6 consecutive days in 2013. Tenderers are asked to specify their preferred dates, provided they do not exceed a maximum of 6 days. Please complete all the sections below : I/We hereby offer and undertake to pay you not less than 28 days before each annual opening date (Insert the total figure proposed) the sum of: YearWordsFigures 2013 .Please indicate in the adjacent box the number of shows the above total figure relates to .. NrIn the event that Victoria Park is not available please indicate in the adjacent box any adjustment per show if Abbey Park is offered and made available . for the privilege of holding a circus at the Victoria site specified above on the following dates, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Agreement and Specification which has been supplied to me/us. 2. My/Our preferred operating dates are : First Choice:- 2013Start dateEnd date Second Choice:- 2013Start dateEnd date DescriptionTotal Please insert indicative numbers likely to attend each performance.  Note the following dates are NOT available: 30th June 1st 6th August 6th 8th September The Council reserves the right to negotiate precise dates with tenderers, however acceptance of any tender will be conditional upon agreement of dates which are suitable to the Council. 3. I/We will also deposit with the Council no less than 28 days before each circus opening date the sum of: WordsFigures ()One thousand pounds1,000.00 as security against any damage to the grounds or other costs that may be incurred by the Council. 4. Details of the Organisation  Name of Organisation : (this should be the full legal name)   Head Office Address:   Tel. No. Fax No. E-mail: If a Limited Company the  Registered Office address:   5. Contact Persons Details  Name :  Position :  Address : Tel No. Fax No.   E-mail: 6. Legal Status of Organisation (e.g. charity, company limited by Guarantee, Friendly Society, unincorporated club or association).  7. I/We will provide the following acts at the circus : Type of acts provided :  8. Please attach separately brief details about your circus. For example: length of operation, sites recently visited, marketing literature and any special attractions/features. 9. Please submit the names of two referees who should ideally be officers in local authorities which your circus has recently visited: NameNameAddressAddressPost CodePost CodeTel. No.Tel. No. 10. Insurance Details Give full names and addresses of Insurance Brokers: (provide copies of policies)   Public Liability (Third Party) Insurance, minimum cover 10million:  Insurer: Policy No.  Expiry Date : Indemnity Figure :  Copy of Policy Enclosed: Yes No Professional Liability Insurance :  Insurer: Policy No.  Expiry Date : Indemnity Figure :  Copy of Policy Enclosed: Yes No Employers Liability Insurance :  Insurer: Policy No.  Expiry Date : Indemnity Figure :  Copy of Policy Enclosed: Yes No 11. Race Equality Questions The following questions and descriptions of evidence have been prescribed by the Secretary of State in respect of Section 18(5) of the Local Government Act 1988. Your organisation will be evaluated for racial equality in employment on the basis of your answers to these questions. Please ensure that you answer them all and supply evidence for your answers to question 5. If your firm is one of the following, please tick: a firm of one person only a partnership with no employees a family firm where all members of staff are members of one family a new firm a firm of less than 5 employees which will need to recruit extra staff in order to carry out City Council work 11.1 Is it your policy as an employer to comply with your statutory obligations under the Race Relations Act 1876 and, accordingly, your practice not to treat one group of people less favourably than others because of their colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin in relation to decisions to recruit, train or promote employees? Yes No 11.2 In the last three years has any finding of unlawful racial discrimination been made against your organisation by any court or industrial tribunal? Yes No 11.3 In the last three years has your organisation been the subject of a formal investigation by the Commission for Racial Equality on grounds of alleged unlawful discrimination? Yes No If Yes, give details :    11.4 If the answer to question 2 is in the affirmative or, in relation to question 3, the Commission made a finding adverse to your organisation, what steps did you take in consequence of that finding? 11.5 Is your policy on race relations set out : a) in instructions to those concerned with recruitment, training and promotion : Yes No b) in documents available to employees, recognised trade unions or other representative groups of employed: Yes No c) in recruitment advertisements or other literature? Yes No Please supply evidence to support your answers to this question. Such evidence may be examples or copies of documents such as your racial equality in employment (equal opportunities) policy or statement, documents outlining arrangements for recruitment, training and promotion, and copies of recruitment advertisements or other company literature which includes a commitment to equal opportunities. 11.6 Do you observe as far as possible the Commission for Racial Equalitys Code of Practice in employment, as approved by Parliament in 1983, which gives practical guidance to employers and others on the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of equality of opportunity in employment, including the steps that can be taken to encourage members of the ethnic minorities to apply for jobs or take up training opportunities? Yes No 12 Licenses Please list below details of any statutory or other licences that you possess: Licenses : 13 Health and Safety 13.1 Does your organisation have a health and safety policy supported by documented health and safety procedures? Yes No 13.2 Does your organisation either have a person on the staff qualified in health and safety or have access to competent advice from an external health and safety specialist? Yes No 13.3 Is your organisation a member of a recognised health and safety accreditation scheme. Yes No 13.4 Can you confirm that your organisation has not been prosecuted under any relevant health and safety legislation within the last five years? Yes No 13.5 Please confirm that you have enclosed a typical risk assessment form. Yes No Tender Response Document ABCJKYZ^uyz迫qqdYI6I6$h,h,5B*CJ ^JaJ phhNG5B*CJ ^JaJ phh,h,CJ aJ h,5CJ \^JaJ 9jh,h,B*CJU^JaJmHnHphsH uh,h,B*CJ^Jphh,h,5CJ\^J'jh,h,5CJ U\^JaJ h,h,5CJ \^JaJ 0jh,h,5B*CJ U\^JaJ ph'h,h,5B*CJ \^JaJ phh,CDEFGHIJLMNOPQRSTUV$dhP1$a$gd,$dP1$a$gd, 1$7$8$gd, $1$7$8$a$gd,gdxVWXY[\]^pz  ! b c  $xa$gdgdx$ 7dh1$^a$gdB) $ a$gd,$dhP1$a$gd,$dhP1$a$gd,   ! 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