ࡱ> {  bjbjzz 4F>V22222FFF8~RFS>"(f"("""i#P&4'>R@R@R@R@R@R@R$VaYbdR2(i#i#((dR22""QS'*'*'*(j2"2">R'*(>R'*'*LP";(N$*RgS0SNY)jYHPPY2P'*(((dRdR'*(((S((((Y((((((((( : Request Specification Event Title: Physical Disability and Brain Injury Awareness. Target Group: Care Management Staff Group Number of staff to be trained per event: 25 Number and length of events: 2 x 1 day Dates: Before 1st April 2013 Venue: Leicester City venue Summary: In October 2011, Leicester City Councils Social Workers and Care Management Officers moved from working in specialist teams (i.e.: Learning disability, Older Peoples Mental Health, Physical Disability), to working in generic, locality based teams. Although some informal transfer of knowledge has taken place within teams, time pressures mean that formal training is also needed. Objectives: By the end of the course, learners will understand more about physical disability e.g. most common conditions and how they impact on people, what happens to the brain when injured, and why it is important to work with the person rather than the symptom. They will: Receive basic medical information on the most common causes of physical disability. (This may be in presentation format or otherwise in the format of information to take away.) Be reminded of the Social Model of Disability and the importance of working within this model, including use of appropriate language. Be provided an overview of how disability relates to the Equality Act 2010 Have the opportunity to consider how to apply the learning when assessing and working with customers and their carers. Ultimately provide a better service to people with physical disability / brain injury. Understand the role of the Core Brain Injury Team at Leicester General Hospital in relation to customers with an Acquired Brain Injury Use Continuing NHS Care and Decision Support Tools Discuss Personal Budgets and why they can be so important for disabled adults Please note that we would also like the trainer to work with a service user in order to give information about helpful and unhelpful approaches from professionals. We have service users willing to support this training. Please indicate in your submission whether this is something you could work into the day. Materials: If the Training Course is accompanied by supporting material, printing will need to be managed by the Provider. Any materials should also be provided electronically so that it can be used as a reference point. Submission: Interested Organisations should complete this form and the Request for Quotation to be considered Closing Date: Contract Length: The contract allows for repeat commissions within a 3 year period with options to extend for +1 + 1 years at the sole discretion of the Council. Training Providers Agreement: You must ensure you are able to meet the requirements in the attached Training Providers Agreement as the successful supplier will be required to sign it when the contract is agreed. Section A: CORPORATE DATA BASIC DETAILS OF YOUR FIRM OR ORGANISATIONThe trading name of the firm or organisation seeking to contract with the CouncilContact person for enquiries about this form: please state name and job title/post) Address for correspondence (with post code) Registered office address (if different from above) Addresses of other offices (if applicable)Phone number of person named in 1.2Fax number of person named in 1.2E-mail address (if available) of person named in 1.2Website of firm or organisation (if any)Legal status of organisation Please tick as appropriate. Sole trader c Public limited company c Private limited company c Limited partnership c Limited liability partnership c Social enterprise c Cooperative c Registered charity c Voluntary, community interest or faith sector organization c Other (please specify) c Company registration number and date (if registered at Companies House)Charity Commission or other registration number (if applicable) VAT registration number (if applicable) If your organization is part of a Group, please state the name and Companies House registration number of the parent company.Are you acting as the lead organisation for a consortium?Yes c No cIf you answered Yes to 1.14, please list the members of your consortium. How many staff does your organisation have in total? Include part-time staff and volunteers.Where did your organisation read/hear about this particular opportunity? Y MANAGEMENT 2.1Please list the full names of the proprietors, directors, partners or trustees of your organization. 2.2List here the names of any of the above who are or have been employed by Leicester City Council or Councillors of Leicester City Council or who have a relative, partner or associate who is employed by the Council at a senior level or who is a Councillor, or who have any involvement in other organisations that provide services to the Council.  Business Probity Regulation 23 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 enables public sector authorities to exclude and disqualify organisations from tendering in the following circumstances: If an organisation that is a company: has had a winding-up order has gone into administration or is the subject of related legal proceedings has failed to meet its tax or social security obligations has court actions or industrial tribunal hearings outstanding against it has ever had to pay liquidated or unliquidated damages levied in respect of a failure to perform to the terms of a contract. If any of the Directors, Partners, Associates or the Company Secretary has been involved in any organisation that has been liquidated or gone into receivership has been convicted of a criminal offence relating to conspiracy, corruption, bribery, fraud, theft and/or money laundering or to the conduct of their business or profession has committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of their business or profession. If the tenderer is an individual and is bankrupt or has been declared insolvent or has had a receiving order or administration order made against them. 3BUSINESS PROBITY3.1Do you confirm that your organization to the best of your knowledge is not liable to exclusion from tendering on any of the grounds listed above?Yes c No c Section B: FINANCIAL DATA 4FINANCIAL INFORMATION 4.1Please state your total turnover in each of the last two financial years (if you are leading a consortium please state its aggregated turnover). Note: The Council normally requires a firm or organisation to have a level of annual turnover that is at least twice the estimated value of the contract for which the firm or organization is seeking to tender. for year ended --/--/-- for year ended --/--/--4.2Please indicate which of the following documents you would you be able to provide. At least one financial document is required.A copy of your audited accounts for the two most recent years of trading (if applicable)A statement of your turnover, profit & loss account and cash flow for the most recent year of tradingA statement of your cash flow forecast for the current year and a letter from your bank outlining your current cash and credit positionAlternative means of demonstrating your financial status if you have been trading for less than a year4.3If requested, would you be able to provide a bankers reference?Yes c No c4.4Has your organisation met the terms of its banking facilities and loan agreements (if any) during the past year?Yes c No c4.5Has your organisation met all its obligations to pay its creditors and staff during the past year?Yes c No c 5Y INSURANCE 5.1 Please indicate the levels of insurance cover that you hold: Public liability Employers liability Professional Indemnity (if applicable) Cover for working with, removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials (if applicable) The Insurance levels required are those stated in Training Providers Agreement. Section C: TECHNICAL CAPABILITY 6Proposal6.1 A course plan, including content and methods of delivery A short profile of the presenter(s) who will be delivering the training, including experience in this field 6.2A price for the work including a detailed breakdown of costs excluding VAT. We are looking for an accurate figure and therefore expect the quote to include Design and delivery costs and all associated expenses including Travel, meals and accommodation costs, where applicable  7References 7.1Please provide 2 references of similar work undertaken by your organisation similar to those you wish to tender for; including (if any) contracts for local authority clients, other public sector bodies, voluntary organisations, community groups and private sector organisations. These Organisations will be contacted for a reference so please ensure that you have obtained their approval and they will be willing to provide a reference.Contract 1Contract 27.3Client/customer organisation (name) Website (if available)7.4Customer contact name, phone number and email * 7.5Date contract awarded7.6Date contract completed7.7Brief description of contract (maximum 100 words)  7.8Contract value7.9If you cannot provide information on at least one reference contract, please briefly explain why (maximum 100 words) Note: The customer contact should be prepared to speak to the Council, if required, in order to confirm the accuracy of the information provided here. Section D: BUSINESS APPROACH 8QUALITY ASSURANCE8.1Does your organisation apply documented quality management procedures? Yes c No c8.2Does your organisation hold a recognised quality management accreditation, for example ISO 9001 or equivalent? Yes c No c8.3Does your organisation have specific procedures to ensure effective communication with your clients and customers?Yes c No c8.4Can you confirm that your organization has never failed to complete a contract or had it terminated by a client? Yes c No c Health & Safety Any organisation employing five or more people has by law to prepare and bring to the attention of employees a written Health and Safety Policy Statement. A Heath and Safety Policy usually has three distinct sections namely: General Policy Statement a short statement outlining the organisations commitment to health and safety, signed and dated by the senior organisation official (for example the Managing Director) Organisation how the organisation addresses health and safety; lines of communication between managers and staff; and any specific duties/responsibilities assigned within the organisation this should be relatively straightforward for small organisations. Arrangements the systems and procedures in place for ensuring employees health and safety at work. System means processes and procedures to ensure that health and safety is properly managed and that legal requirements are met. The Council may request that you provide at short notice a copy of your Health and Safety Policy, any codes of safe working practices issued to employees, and/or risk assessments. You should have these documents readily available. 9HEALTH & SAFETY9.1Does your organisation have a health and safety policy supported by documented health and safety procedures? Yes c No c9.2Does your organisation either have a person on the staff qualified in health and safety or have access to competent advice from an external health and safety specialist?Yes c No c 10EQUALITY 10.1Does your organisation apply written procedures ensuring compliance with equality and anti-discrimination legislation? Yes c No c10.2Can you confirm that in the last three years no finding of unlawful discrimination has been made against your organisation by any court or industrial or employment tribunal or equivalent body? Yes c No c 11ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 11.1Does your organisation apply documented environmental management procedures aimed at the reduction of energy consumption, carbon footprint and waste, and the promotion of recycling? Yes c No c 12BUSINESS CONTINUITY 12.1Does your organisation have in place measures that will enable you to maintain your business activities in the event of an emergency situation or unforeseen event? Yes c No c Evaluation: Bids will be assessed to find the most economically advantageous bid in accordance with the following award criteria. CriteriaWeightingQuality Ability to meet the objectives in as creative and learner centred manner as possible. Relevant experience (Reference Section) 70%Pricing30% Quality: The maximum points attributable to any one submission in the quality evaluation are 35. The qualitative assessment will form 70% of the award. 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CRITERIASCOREVery high standard with no reservations at all and meeting the Councils requirements.4 (70%)High standard and Councils requirements are met.3 (52%)Good standard and Councils requirements generally met but with some reservations.2 (35%)Low standard with significant reservations.1 (17%)Fails to meet minimum acceptable standard.0 Pricing: The lowest price costs submitted will be allocated 30 marks. All other bids will be awarded marks to the following formula; 30 x (Pm / P) Where: Pm = the lowest tendered offer. P = the specific supplier offer under consideration DECLARATION I declare that to the best of my knowledge the answers submitted in this form are correct. I understand that the information will be used only to assess my organisations suitability to be invited to tender for the Councils requirements. I understand that the Council may reject this form if there is a failure to answer all relevant questions fully or if I provide false or misleading information. FORM COMPLETED BYName:Position (Job Title):Date:Phone number:Signature: (please type your name or provide an electronic signature) REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ORDER If this quotation is successful then an Official Order will be raised. AUTHORISED OFFICER Contact Name: Lisa Brownbridge Leicester City Council (LCC), B6, New Walk Centre, Welford Place, Leicester LE1 6ZG Telephone Number: 0116 252 8923 Email:  HYPERLINK "mailto:procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk" procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk  Delivery Address or Site (if different)IMPORTANT INFORMATION Your quotation will only be accepted on this form as an irrevocable offer (in consideration of your being invited to quote) and emailed by 18/01/2012 to the Authorised Officer, name shown above, to the following address:  HYPERLINK "mailto:procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk" procurementquotations@leicester.gov.uk . Conditions are on Council terms unless specified otherwise. Also, LCCs requirement will need to meet LCC and other industry standards/policies, please see below for full details. Quotations will only be accepted on this Document ONLY. However, you may attach associated documents if necessary.DETAILS OF REQUIREMENTName of Company Providing Quote: .DEVIATION/VARIATION (from the above Specification) QUOTATION TOTAL (the Contract Price) +VAT if applicableiMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE supplier The above Quotation should remain open for acceptance by Leicester City Council for a minimum of 30 days from the deadline for submissions date, as shown in the Source Leicestershire advert. To the Supplier: If your quotation expires later than this date, then please state here the exact date: Your signature . for and behalf of ... 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