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It is envisaged that the Visitor Centre will be a tourist attraction which will complement existing heritage provision, draw visitors into Leicester and the Old Town area, and encourage them to further explore the city and its museums, heritage sites, retail and cultural offer. This draw is lacking at present and the Visitor Centre could be a real catalyst to city centre development, enabling the Council to promote awareness of Leicesters heritage. In order to progress the development of the Visitor Centre, the Arts & Museums Service now needs to commission specialist consultancy support to produce a business plan for the proposed centre. The Council has recently acquired a former school building, adjacent to the archaeological site and grave area. The two storey building has the potential to accommodate a visitor attraction and is of sufficient scale that it may also be possible to introduce other revenue generating activities. The building is generally in good condition but internally it is a shell and requires a level of refurbishment to enable the building to be opened for public access. The redevelopment of the site will be in phases. The business plan needs to address development of a first phase attraction within part of the building by mid-July 2013 (as defined on the attached plan). Whilst the initial visitor attraction is seen as an interim stage the facility will be of a quality which would allow for an entrance charge to be made. A longer term strategy which considers how the building could be developed to create a more significant visitor attraction, alongside other uses within the building is also required. The business plan will be used to inform the design strategy for the building. The interim proposal for the mid July opening should not prejudice the later phases of development which will provide a comprehensive solution for the building and site. Methodology:  Prospective suppliers are invited to submit proposals to undertake the development of the required business plan. The plan produced will be used to inform the development of the visitor attraction and the use of the building. It will also inform the exhibition design. Proposals should highlight the approach to be taken by the proposer and areas that would be covered within a developed business plan. As a guide, however, it is suggested that the appointed supplier should consider the following: Reviewing the Alderman Newton site and looking at how areas of the building could be utilised to create a financially sustainable building and visitor centre. Undertaking primary research, ascertaining the likely charges for such a visitor centre. Identifying the facilities required for such a centre. Identifying a visitor route throughout the facility and to the grave site. Developing an operational model for such a facility. Undertaking a market analysis, identifying potential users and demand for the Centre. Developing financial projections of annual income and expenditure for the site. Timescales:  Leicester City Council requires the successful provider to commence work on the study as soon as possible. The final completed business plan should be available by 14th January 2013. Submission arrangements and selection criteria:  Organisations wishing to quote for the contract to develop a business plan for the Richard III Visitor Centre must provide the following: A response to the brief specifically outlining the methodology for developing the business plan, an overview of proposed contents and a delivery plan indicating how the plan will be delivered by 14th January 2013. A VAT exclusive price for the work, including a detailed breakdown of costs. We require a fully inclusive figure and, therefore, the quotation must include all costs associated with the production of the business plan, including expenses by the above required date. Examples of relevant experience and similar work you have undertaken. Details of project management arrangements and individual responsibilities for the work, including an estimate of each individuals time/cost contribution to the project. Named members of the team that will undertake different elements of the work, including CVs with skills, qualifications and examples of relevant experience. Contact details for two client references. Information on the tenderers public and employers liability and professional indemnity insurances. Confidential Nature of Documentation and Bids Bidders shall not discuss the bid they intend to make other than with professional advisers or joint bidders who need to be consulted. Bids shall not be canvassed for acceptance or discussed with the media or any other tenderer or member or officer of the Council. If a tenderer does not observe paragraph 2.1, the Council will reject the tender and may decide not to invite the tenderer to tender for future work. Tender Evaluation This will be a two-step process, consisting of a desk top assessment followed by interviews with successful shortlisted tenders. Interviews will be held on the afternoon of Thursday 20th December 2012. Responses to the brief will be assessed against the following criteria: 80% Quality and 20% Price Quality of written proposal, including understanding of the brief. (30%) Calibre of project team and previous experience. (40%) Proposed methodology. (10%) Price and Value for money. (20%) Responses must be completed and submitted by the due date no later than 13.00 hours Monday 17th December 2012. In an unmarked enveloped to Nisha Popat and labelled as follows QUOTATION: Visitor Centre Business Plan Due Date no later than 13.00hrs on Monday 17/12/2012 Nisha Popat Business & Development Manager Leicester City Council New Walk Centre Welford Place Leicester, LE1 6ZG  If you require any further information concerning the quotation process please contact Nisha Popat on 0116 252 8914 or  HYPERLINK "mailto:Nisha.Popat@leicester.gov.uk" Nisha.Popat@leicester.gov.uk. Please note that no questions will be answered which provide a competitive advantage to any party quoting. Should questions arise during the quoting period, which in our judgement are of material significance, we will inform all quoting organisations to explain the nature of the question and set-out our formal reply. QUOTATION FOR THE PROVISION OF Visitor Centre Business Plan TO: Leicester City Council I/We [INSERT NAME OF BIDDNG ORGANISATION ], Company registration number [.] whose registered address is [], having examined the Development Brief and other documents made available to us hereby offer to provide all the Services described in the documents including appendices and confirm our submission of a compliant proposal. I/We hereby offer to supply the Service subject to the Councils standard terms and conditions set out in the documents for the sum of enter amount in words ... I/We undertake in consideration of having been supplied with the particulars and permitted to tender, that these proposals shall not be withdrawn or modified for a period of up to 90 days from the date of its delivery but shall remain binding upon me/us during that period. I/We understand you are not bound to accept the lowest or any proposals you may receive and you will not pay any expenses incurred by us in connection with the preparation and submission of this tender. Unless and until a formal order is prepared and issued this proposal together with your written acceptance thereof shall constitute a binding Contract between us. Anti Collusive Tendering Certificate I/We declare that: 1. This is a bona fide tender, intended to be competitive, and that I/we have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the tender by or in accordance with any agreement or arrangement with any other person. 2. I/We have not done and I/we undertake that I/we will not do at any time before the hour and date specified for the return of this tender any of the following acts: a communicating to a person other than the person calling for those tenders the amount or approximate amount of the proposed tender except where disclosure, in confidence, of the approximate amount of the tender was necessary to obtain premium quotations required for the preparation of the tender. b entering into any agreement or arrangement with any other persons that they shall refrain from tendering or as to the amount of any tender to be submitted. c offering or paying or giving or agreeing to pay or give any sum of money or valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or having done or causing or having caused to be done in relation to any other tender or proposed tender for the said work any act or thing of the sort described above. We acknowledge that if we or anyone who acts on our behalf behaves improperly or commits an offence under the Prevention of Corruption Acts 1889-1916, the College may cancel the contract and recover all costs and losses. In this certificate, the word person includes any persons or anybody or associated, corporate or unincorporated, and any agreement or arrangement includes any such transaction, formal or informal, and whether legally binding or not. Dated this day of ..2012. Signature .. For and on behalf of (Name of firm or Company). 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