ࡱ> @B?  bjbjBrBr 44   $ $ ggggg{{{{D4{!!!!!!!!#{&J!g!gg! gg!!V @ #_{L !!0!X x&& &g !!!&$ -: Source Northamptonshire VIG & Theraplay service - Replacement of media equipment Description Northamptonshire County Councils Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) and Theraplay Service s use video capture equipment to record the actions and behaviour of children whilst either interacting with their parents in their own home or during extended play sessions in a supervised environment, the Theraplay suite. The recordings are made using hand held and static or tripod mounted video cameras in the clients home or via a web cam and a hand held camera in the Theraplay suite. The Theraplay suite webcam is physically connection to a desktop PC in the Theraplay office to allow for monitoring and additional recordings to be made. The recordings are analysed and snapshots of the childs behaviour are burnt to DVD disks and played back to the clients family using portable DVD players in their own home. Budget 7,500 10 x Full HD Video Cameras / Camcorders capable of recording a minimum of 1 hour of HD media. Due to the sensitive nature of the authorities VIG & Theraplay service every precaution must be taken protect its clients from the accidental loss of information which could be damaging to both its clients and the organisation. The use of Memory Sticks, SDXC, SD Memory Cards and SDHC Memory Cards as a method of capturing and storing of media files does not guarantee the safety of the media and where possible avoided. Specification: Record To HDD - Hard Disk Drive Capable of recording a minimum of 1 hour of HD media USB Connection External Microphone Socket 3.5mm Jack plug to allow additional microphone to be attached to the camera Image Stabiliser LCD Screen Size minimum of 3.0" Manual and Automatic Focus Manual and Automatic White Balance Good quality low light performance High quality audio reproduction 2 x microphones for use with video cameras Specification: High Fidelity - quality audio reproduction 3.5mm Jack plug with lead to allow microphone to be attached to the video camera 4 x Video Camcorder Docking Stations (optional / if available) Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified and USB 3.0 ready) Note: As few Video Cameras have the option of a docking station the availability of the docking station will be dependant on the make and type of the camera. 4 x Portable DVD Players Specification: Screen Size 7" Screen Type LCD TFT Screen Resolution 480 x 234 Compatible media CD, CD-RW, MP3-CD, CD-R USB connection Built in battery Battery Life up to 2.5 hours A/C Adapter Car Charger 4 x Portable DVD Player carry-cases for the DVD players described in item 4 above 4 x Full HD Webcams for use in the Theraplay suites Specification: Tripod-ready base H.264 video compression High quality lens with autofocus Built-in dual stereo microphone with automatic noise reduction High quality audio reproduction Automatic low-light correction Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified and USB 3.0 ready) 3 metre USB lead to connect webcam to desktop PC in Theraplay office 3 x HD Webcams for use with desktop PC s for SKYPE case planning and discussion Specification Video Resolution Broadcast 1920x1080 pixels Video Call 1280x720 pixels Motionless Picture Resolution Up to 8 Mega Pixels (Software enhanced) Built-in dual stereo microphone with automatic noise reduction 1 x HD PC Projector for Theraplay training Specification: Technology DLP Resolution Native SVGA (800 x 600) Maximum UXGA (1368 x 720) Brightness (lumens) 2,700 ANSI Lumens (Standard), 2,160 ANSI Lumens (ECO) Contrast4000:1 Focus - Manual focus and manual zoom Projection Distance3.3"(1.0m) ~ 39.0" (11.9m) HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p), EDTV (480p, 576p), SDTV (480i, 576i) 2 x Microphone stands for use in Theraplay suites Specification: Free standing with secure base Extendable (vertical) Include boom arm attachment if available (optional) (14QRS_3 E f v   $ X b j l ɽ{shssha7hMCJPJh3 CJPJha7hYCJPJh7CJPJhMCJPJha7h7CJPJhYCJPJh7hT" hYhV9o6CJ aJ hYhkRK6CJ aJ hY6CJ aJ hYh6CJ aJ hYhT" 6CJ aJ hkRKh6hkRKhT" 6 h76(RS_ C D ^gd(jG^gdG2j & Fgdkgd3 gd7 $a$gd7m$gd7gdT" gd7gdT"  ( ) . / T \ _    # / ? 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